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Arles while on Loire to the South of France Tour

We are going on this tour in April and I always plan for the free time. Well, I had thought to myself 'we'll go to the Arles Archaeological Museum after getting back from the Pont du Gard for our afternoon,' as that is really our type of thing. As I'm perusing Rick's info on Arles I realize that the museum is closed on Tuesday's, the day that I wanted to go. So then I thought, ok, we'll go to Nimes and see their cool new museum and other Roman sites and the gardens. Nimes museum is closed on Tuesday as well. Big sigh at this point. So we could still go to Nimes and do everything but the museum, or I was thinking we could skip the afternoon local guides walk that we do on the afternoon that we arrive in Arles and instead go to the museum. Then the next day when we get back into Arles after the Pont du Gard we could do the RS Arles walk from our guidebook. My question is if you have been on this tour, what time do you get into Arles on arrival day? I need to figure out if my second idea is even feasible. Thanks!

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