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are my 2018 metro tickets usable?

I have 4 leftover paper metro t+ tickets from the carnet I bought during that trip. Would they still be usable this May?

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They should be. IF they have somehow come unmagnitized, go to a Metro window that is staffed and ask them to check if they are OK. They will replace them.

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I have one that I’ve kept in my office for years as my “I will return to Paris” momento even though I was there three years ago - kind of like throwing the coin in the fountain in Rome.

As long as they’re still using paper tickets, you should be fine. Enjoy your time there!

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I just used my 2018 leftover t+ tickets 3 weeks ago. You can still purchase carnets of paper tickets in some stations. We bought ours at Chaussée d'Antin metro (next to Galeries Lafayette Haussmann). We were assured they will be valid for a long time yet.
If no longer valid, they will be cheap souvenirs.

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Thanks everyone, I was afraid the technology at the gates might have made my tickets defunct. Every penny saved is helpful,