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Are Eiffel Tower Tickets Really Available On-Line?

For the past three days, I have been trying to purchase Eiffel Tower tickets on-line, for the week of 19 May 2014, on the day that they become available (supposedly beginning at 8:30 a.m. Paris time). Each day when I check, they are completely sold out (red Xs through every time slot and a message that the next day's tickets - that is, for visiting 90 days from tomorrow - go on sale at 8:30 tomorrow). Now, admittedly, I don't wake up at 2:30 a.m. EST on each day to try - more like 7:00 a.m. - but past posters on this forum gave the impression that it takes 24-48 hours to sell out on-line. Of course, May is high tourist season (i.e., compared to now) but it made me wonder if there really are tickets available to purchase on-line at 2:30 a.m. EST? So, my question is: Has anyone reading this post actually tried to buy tickets recently on-line from the official site ( from the U.S. at 2:30 a.m. EST, and were any time slots available? Out of curiosity, I even left the website language as French to see if that mattered, but it didn't. C'est dommage. Guru Rick says a person would be crazy to show up without a reservation, and I don't want to go against his sage advice, or pay some extravagant price for a tour to score a ticket. In the end, we might just show up one night near closing time, as some have suggested, but I would greatly prefer being able to reserve a time and avoid the lines. If it's foggy or rainy that day, then that's life.

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welcome Robert,

I was in Paris in March of 2012 so if you dont feel its recent enough so be it.

but i used that web site to purchase my tickets. I dont remember having to get up to do so, but i booked it ASAP since i knew it would be busy. If i had to get up at o dark early to get my tickets I would have done so since i find having my tickets in hand give me the warm and fuzzy feeling. Others may wing it, but thats how they fly, not me at this time.

just a comment. WHen i was going to the tower for my time, there was a line of people wrapped about half way around the base. Im sure it will change with day/month and occasion.

also during my time there, they were intermittently closing/opening the top due to high winds and over crowding - at least thats what was posted on the reader board.

one last comment. Also, just because you get a ticket doent mean you will get to the top at that time. It gets you in the "door" so to speak. Then there are lines thru security and the lifts.

im sure others will chime in as to the hows.

happy trails.

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Robert go back online now.. and check off "access to second level" there ARE tickets available.. Once you get to second level if you choose you can line up in a seperate line and buy tickets to summit.. Elevators from the ground only go to second level. There is a different elevator to the top. Lines for tickets to summit are much shorter on second level then when on the ground. You may even elect not to bother going to top and frankly thats what I recommend as view is great from second level.

Go back now.
There are only some time slots left.
I test run on the 20th.

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Ray and Pat: Thanks for your replies. After reading Pat's comment, I dashed to my computer and, remarkably, discovered that there indeed was ONE open time slot on 21 May (for the second level) and it was EXACTLY the time that we had wanted! Hard to believe, really. The travel gods were truly smiling on us. So, to answer my own question: Yes, on-line tickets are available, and even if they appear to be sold out after checking multiple times, keep on checking. And thanks again to Pat for checking when I had given up.

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kevin.. top right hand side.. there is an orange bar that says "tickets". Click on it. Scroll down now half way to where it says "individuals buy tickets now".
Choose dates.. if none are available to summit , click on left hand side about time slots., tickets to second level.

If you are leaving within next 2.5 months your luck may be out.. but you never know.

Thanks norma!

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Thanks pat/norma! My problem was that Internet Explorer wasn't loading the entire website. I got through on Mozilla Firefox.

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The tickets to the summit gets sold in no time. I logged in about 30 seconds before they open and I was able to book them. The booking process took me about 2-3 mins. After booking I came back to look at the slots and all of them were sold out. I really do not know how I got them.

PS: I am in India so the time turned out to be 1.00 pm so it was easy.

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This is not a new suggestion, but consider having lunch at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant and getting a reservation for that. Your reservation will include a lift ticket to the first level and I assure you, lunch will not be a jambon et Gruyere sandwich. The menu is 40E for adults and there is a half-price children's menu (12 & younger) and, in my opinion, the meal is well worth the money (reviews can be mixed, though). The restaurant overlooks the Seine and the Trocadero and the big advantage is that the weather should not be a factor like it is for pre-ordered tickets. From the first level it is an easy walk up to the second level. Now, reservations for the restaurant are sold out as fast as the regular tickets (remember, the whole world is accessing that website!), but once you get to Paris, "sold out" becomes a relative term. Always check with the front desk of your hotel for help with reservations and maybe go by the Tower itself and see if there are any openings. This is especially true if you want to splurge on Le Jules Verne restaurant (95E w/out wine for lunch). In early October when I went last, the queue was not too bad in the morning (it's when those darn big tour buses start showing up and hundreds of people pour out of them all headed to the line that the wait time increases!).

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I have found the same issue. I woke up at 3 am eastern a few weeks ago and just hopped on to see if the first day possible was available, and there were only two time slots left. It does seem sell out very fast, especially for the summit.

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Two years ago faced similar problem. Took other handy advice to forgo online purchase and queue up for the "walk up" line. My 11 & 13 yr old children and I arrived around 7:00 pm June 21st and took about 20 minutes maybe less to reach window. Paid to walk up to 2nd level and then stood in line as all must do to get ticket and elevator to top. We went directly to top and the tippy top then made our way back down. No problem if moderately fit. Great views all the way up and down. Was really fun. An attendant I consulted assured me it would be no problem to walk up. Glad I took the advice and we will do a repeat this July with the addition of my husband.

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Thanks for your advice! I just stayed up late to get tickets online at opening time , 8:30 Paris time. They sold out quickly but I was able to get them in time. I appreciate all the tips!