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appropriate attire for French couple's wedding

I'm attending a French couple's wedding and dinner-dance at a small chateau/ manorhouse just north of Lyon on May 2. What to wear? Are their weddings cocktail attire with a bit of tasteful glam or more your very best Sunday clothing (think EAster). Is it OK to wear black? I plan to have my shoulders covered for the religious segment of the event and won't be able to change into any sort of evening attire. Any suggestions of what is appropriate? I know the groom and could email him but don't know if he's fashion savvy. Help! and thanks!

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What time of day is the wedding ceremony and will there be the civil and the religious on the same day and will you attend both or just one?

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Joan's question is quite relevant... weddings in France are only legal with the civil ceremony.

Couples will do one of: a) only the civil, or b) the civil and religious. The whole white wedding dress & formal attire can be worn for either scenario.

I would suggest you do e-mail the groom and ask him.

P.S. - If you get Netflix, try to watch the French film "Pièce Montée", with subtitles.