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Aperatifs in Paris

Rick doesn’t mention these in his book. Is there a reason?

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An aperitif is just a drink you can choose to order - or not - before you order your meal in a restaurant.

Aperitifs is a long drawn out series of little nibbles and drinks (that can last so long it turns into apéro dinatoire) but they're usually a private thing between friends.

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It is a tradition in Paris (France) to have apero with friends at cafes, often Friday evening, but can be any night. We just joined friends at a cafe in the Butte aux Cailles last Saturday. You order a planche (a cheese or meat board or combo), perhaps some other nibbles, fries are popular and whatever cocktails, beers or wines you fancy. People often make an evening of it and it substitutes for dinner.

It is also common to have an aperitif before diinner -- so one might order a kir or Champagne or lillet or campari or cocktail before ordering a complete dinner that may include wine.

lots of bars have happy hours where drinks are cheaper and people plan their apero gatherings around that.

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I guess that if Rick doesn't talk about it it's because it's more of a tradition between friends or family who meet before lunch or dinner to have a drink (or several drinks).

This doesn't necessarily involve going to lunch or dinner with the same people, but generally when it's an unplanned aperitif, after a couple of drinks there's always someone who asks "- And now, where are we going to eat?"