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Apartment for a week: 5th Arr/Saint-Michel vs Ile Saint-Louis

Im planning a week long trip to Paris in October and there is a great selection of apartments in both neighborhoods. Im leaning toward Ile Saint-Louis for its charm but am wondering whether Saint-Michel has more opportunity for markets, selection of small shops, etc. I realize that as an island Ile Saint-Louis will be limited. I have no interest in high-end shopping and want to avoid tourist crowds, which I hope will have subsided by October.


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My favorite neighborhood in all of Paris is Ile St. Louis. We absolutely love it there. We spent a month in an apt there on our last trip, and have stayed there in a hotel before that. I've also stayed in many hotels, many times, in the 5th. Ile St. Louis is like a little village, surrounded by the river and beautiful views. Only the western end, along the main street gets crowded (in summer) with tourists from about noon-7 pm, the rest of the island is quiet and village-like. There's a really good grocery store, several bakeries, an ATM, a post office, pharmacies, produce store, butcher, flower shop, a church, an elementary school, a beautiful park at the eastern end, lots of fun little boutiques, many good restaurants and cafes, and great ice cream shops (Berthillon and Amarino).

It's a very short and easy walk from ISL to the 5th. From ISL/Ile de la Cite (where Notre Dame is) it's easy to catch a bus and there's easy metro access (Pont-Marie, Ile de la Cite, St. Michel).

There's a pedestrian bridge that goes from the back of Notre Dame to ISL, so easy walking, and lots of street entertainers perfom there day and night which is fun.

I don't know where the apt is on ISL that you're considering, but if it's not on the main street from the middle to the west end, it will be quiet.

I love the 5th, but prefer staying on ISL. The 5th, on the whole, is very busy, loud, crowded and lots of traffic.

Wherever you choose, it'll be fun. Enjoy!

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I agree with Susan. Ile Saint-Louis is wonderful. Don't assume that because it is an island it would "limited".

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Pete the Ile is nice. but we are talking about splitting hairs really the distance between the two areas is nothing really.. a few minutes walk..even if you stay on the Ile and have to walk to the 5th.. its only minutes... and scenic minutes at that.. I do agree there are noisey busy areas on the 5th.. but there are quiet the specific location does matter.

I focus more on the actual apartment, the prices, the amenities I want in the apartment( washing machine, elevator, etc) etc.. both areas are lovely.

I think by end of October the main tourist crush is gone, but there are always lots of tourists in Paris.. its a year round destination for many folks.. and like minded tourists will go in off season to avoid the "tourist masses" too!