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Aosta to Chamonix?

I just watched the Rick Steves Lyon video and it looks like one can travel from one village to the other using the trams, plus see the sights along the way. We (2 adults) need to get from Florence to Lyon and planned to go by train. After watching the video, I’m thinking this may be a possible route:
Florence -> Milan or Torino -> Aosta -> take the trams up and over Mont Blanc -> Chamonix -> Lyon
Maybe taking a day to get to Aosta, then doing the tram/sky lift/whatever to Chamonix/Lyon the next day.

Where I need help:
1) is this possible?
2) between Aosta and Chamonix is the big black hole I need filled!
3) what are the steps and route names I’d need to take?

We’re not afraid of a little walking or busses. I speak a little Italian and my husband speaks a little French, so we can surmount language issues.

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We did exactly this route in 2006 and it was the best thing I ever did in Europe. Three cable cars up and over the Alps from La Palud (near Aosta) to Chamonix.

We overnighted in Aosta. The next morning we took the bus from Aosta to La Palud When we went, it was a single bus; Google Maps now shows it as a connection in Courmayeur. Check the local listings online ( or ask your hotel in Aosta.

From La Palud you take a cable car up to Ponte Helbronner on the Skyway Monte Bianco ( Helbronner is the border between Italy and France.

From Hellbronner you take a second cable car over the Alps to L'Aiguille du Midi ( This is like flying over a glacier, the Vallée Blanche they call it.

L'Aiguille du Midi is an incredible spire overlooking Chamonix 13,000 feet above sea level. From there you can see all the way to the Matterhorn if its clear. At this altitude, you will feel giddy.

From L'Aiguille du Midi you take the third cable car down to Chamonix (

If you are packed light (we were in backpacks), you can bring your luggage on board and use this as your way of transport from Italy to France.

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I took Flixbus from Chamonix to Aosta in September 2021. I booked my ticket online - I think it was something like 6 or 8 euro. The bus station in Chamonix is by the Plan B hotel which happened to be where i was staying so it was super easy. In Aosta, the Flixbus stop is right by the train station. I think there may be other bus options, but Flixbus was super easy and straightforward to book so it was a good option for me.