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Anyone used Uber in Loire valley?

I'm working out details for transistioning from a car rental to a bike rental. It looks like I'll have to drop the car a little under four miles from where I'll pick up the bike (Avoine to Chinon). Is Uber active in the Loire, is it a reasonable option? Alternatively, do the smaller towns have taxis around? In Germany, I walked 14k one night because I misread the train schedule. The last run was only on weekends and there were no taxis anywhere.

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I see nobody has answered, so here's my advice. Do you have a hotel booked in Chinon? Ask them; they should be motivated to help since it's in their interest that you be able to get there. Or ask the bike provider; for the same reason, it's in their interest that you be able to get to Chinon.

Failing those options, I would Google hotels in Avoine and Chinon, call one at random and see if they can tell you about Uber availability. A while ago I stumbled upon a blog by an American couple who operate a small hotel in Chinon, but I can't remember the name of it. Still, any hotelier is going to speak some English and if they personally don't know about Uber they can very likely refer you to someone who knows.

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I just can not imagine that there is Uber service in the Loire.

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Whether there's Uber service or not is really a secondary question. The real question is, how can you get yourself and your luggage transported from Avoine to Chinon.

You cannot be the very first person ever to need a ride between those two places. Again, I suggest you start by asking your Chinon hotel and your bike rental company for advice.

It also occurs to me that there's a Tourism office in Chinon. It's their business to help people with questions like yours. Also, the gift shop at the Fortress of Chinon is well staffed; someone there may be able to help.

Plan of last resort: drive your rental car to Chinon, drop off your luggage and speak face to face with the locals until you find a car owner willing (for a reasonable fee) to follow you to Avoine where you'll drop off your rental and the Chinon resident will give you a ride back to Chinon.

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This will be the last week of September. I have an Air BnB room booked in Chinon. I'm picking up a rental bike in Chinon, I'll pick it up in the afternoon I arrive if I can. If not, I don't start really riding until the next morning.

I'm coming from Brittany and have to drop a rental car on a Sunday. I found options of Saumur and Tours (and Avione, could drop off after hours). Trains and/or buses from Saumur to Chinon take more than two hours. Driving past Chinon to Tours gives me about a 45 minute train ride back. So the thought was to get to Avione, drop the car, then find a way to Chinon.

I haven't booked the car yet. Because of the compexity. I'm leaning toward renting from Auto Europe, calling them and seeing if they have some ideas for the best way to structure the rental and transition.

I may get some ideas from the Air BnB host. That's a good idea. I'll try.