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Anyone use "Feels Like Home in Paris"?

I'm looking at using that company for an apartment rental in Paris, but I'm nervous since they didn't send me a lease agreement or anything and they want me to put down 50% of the rental fee. Which I'm fine with if it's legit.

They sent me a link to pay using "Payoneer" - anyone heard of this? I have not....

Any insight would be appreciated. On another note, I have noticed a lot of AirBnB rentals in Paris do not list a permit #. The ones that do, is there a way for us to verify that they are legit? Seems the places that don't have a permit are renting out their personal homes?

Thanks everyone for any help!

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If the Feels Like Home in Paris agency that you are referring to is the one that I know of, it is a legitimate business. At the time that I came across them, the agency specialized in places in Montmartre and the 9th arrondissement. I know people who used them and found them to be very good, hands-on managers. This was in 2015. I have no idea what they are up to now.
As far as I know, there is no place to check on the numbers, assuming that you are referring to the number that begins with 75 that can be found under the heading License and Registration number. Because there is no place to check, it is possible that the number could be a made up one but the absence of a number means definitely that it is an unregistered rental. Actually, the ones that have registration number should usually be the ones that are renting out their personal homes. There are two registration schemes -- one for full-time residents and one for second homes or properties held for rental. Full-time residents are permitted to rent their apartments for up to 120 days per year as long as they register. They get a registration number immediately after completing the online form. Other apartments are subject to a different costlier and lengthier process and there are around 150 legally registered apartments of that type. So some of the Airbnb rentals that you are seeing could be permanent residents and some could be other types of owners.

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Hi CaliGril,

I don't know the company you are mentioning, but a quick look on french company register, shows the FLHP company incorporated at the adress mentionned on their website, entered a liquidation process (closure) in 2017.

To be fair, in french law, a liquidation process does not prevent you from continuing doing business for 3 additional years,

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Thank you everyone for all of this great advice and the research you did!

I found a place on AirBnB to rent. I was a little worried about that company since she wouldn't send me a rental agreement and I'm booking way out in December this year and January 2020.

Thanks again! :-)

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I am Stéphanie THIROUX the owner of Feels Like Home in Paris. Our agency has been on the Parisian market for more than 12 years now (and it is still on!) and we indeed offer apartments mostly in Montmartre. We are a serious agency focused on quality accommodations and customer service. And indeed when somebody wants to confirm a booking, half of the rent needs to be paid via an online invoice (the balance is due one month prior to the guest arrival) and we then send an email with a booking confirmation and all details to prepare the guests stay with us!
I just wanted to clarify following Gail message and question.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you plan to come to Paris, it is always a pleasure to welcome guests from allover the world!

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I used them many years ago when the agency I usually used for Montmartre didn't have what I wanted; they recommended them. We had a good experience. I have never rented where I haven't put down 50% on reserving and usually the rest before arrival -- sometimes on arrival. They were very professional and the apartment was well prepared. The deposit was returned promptly.