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Any thoughts on the Moulin Rouge? Are discount tickets sold?

Hi there, I have discovered I can buy direct from the establishment about 12 months out. Just wondering if direct is the best place to get the tickets. I don't think we will bother with the meal just the show. Any thoughts?

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Just came back from Paris. Went to the moulin rouge theatre to see about getting tickets for the week we were there. The price was 150 euros each , so for my wife and I it would have been over 400 cdn. We decided not to go and went to an opera at the palace garnier instead . Tickets could be cheaper buying ahead of time on line .

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Jenn, just my humble opinion but Moulin Rouge is considered by many to be a vastly overpriced tourist trap best avoided. Let's just say it's not a place locals would ever go? There are any number of ways to better drop that pile of euros in Paris.

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I second Kathy. 24 years ago before I went to Paris someone told me that only tourists go to the Moulin Rouge. IMOHO, 105 euros is super way overpriced. I would be willing to bet that you can find something better to do with that much money

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Ditto above posts.. I have family and friends who have lived in Paris all their lives.. and have never been to the MR.
However.. as a young traveller I decided to try it..
It was a lot of money to be crowded into a room and see a second rate show.. sorry.. that is only my opinion, but that's what it is..
For LESS money do something a little more memorable then sit in a room with literally bus loads of tour groups.. maybe try a nice dinner cruise on Calife Cruises.. they are different then the other dinner cruise boats as they actually cook the food fresh onboard.. most of the larger well known dinner cruises have it shipped onboard and simply plate and reheat.

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After reading all the bad reviews, is there another night club to go to? Really can't imagine going to Paris and not seeing the all famous can-can performed.

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The Crazy Horse seems to get better reviews. And it's a smaller venue, meaning you'll have better views. However, I'm not sure you'll see a can-can there. Can anyone confirm?

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Linda, we didn't feel like we'd missed a thing not seeing the can-can (and we skipped going up the Eiffel too).

Our Paris moment was walking 'home' from the Trocadero on a glorious, balmy fall evening. It was our last night and we were both feeling a bit sad…when we heard some lively jazz coming from a little cafe. The quartet was positioned in a large, open window so you could see them both indoors and out and, it being so nice, we snagged the last empty table on the sidewalk and blew (!!!!) the budget on champagne. I think we were the only tourists at the place but jazz needs no translation. :O)

It's just me, maybe, but I wouldn't have traded those couple of hours for a night stuffed elbow-to-elbow with the tour groups at the Moulin.

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I agree with others, not to spend your time or money on the Moulin Rouge. It is not what it used to be, if it ever was. We went in 2001, but we were in Paris for months and had a lot of time. We enjoyed it. But for anyone with limited time, there are a 1000 better things to do. I don't think there's any club show worth the time or money, but there's one on the Champs Elysee (if it's still there... Folies Bergere?) that I've heard good things about.

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Sorry about the garble reply. I answered on my phone, obviously without my glasses. I will try again.

Thank you to all the comments. I won't be going to Moulin Rouge now. Lucky I posted the question as the answers may help others. To me it was a given to go and see a show. Hence, the tourist trap.

I greatly appreciate all the alternate suggestions and will look into them further.

Regards Jenn

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This is a bit off the subject, but if you want to see high kicking there's Radio City Music. That show is worth it.
There is a ballet that is Moulin Rouge-ish with can-can's and a pirouette dual between two dancers, but having a senior moment and can't recall the name.

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chun, it is more than "off The subject", your suggestion of Radio City Music Hall is off the continent. They will be in Paris not NYC.

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My husband really wanted to go to the show at Moulin Rouge so I booked tickets online for the 7pm dinner show. It was very expensive but I figured it was a once in a lifetime thing. We both loved the show but the meal was underwhelming and very expensive. If you go (and I do recommend it) skip dinner and go for the show and bucket of champagne.