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Antibes to Chamonix day trip??


We will be taking a 5 day trip to Antibes in the last week of September this year. I was wondering if it is possible/logical to take a day trip by car to Chamonix?? What would the estimated cost be? And is it possible to avoid tolls? If not to Chamonix, are there any closer mountain ranges that are worth checking out?


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Try checking for estimated driving time (which may be too long for a day-trip) and cost for fuel and tolls, if any. I'd check it for you but the website is not cooperating with my phone at the moment.

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One of the major mistakes made by many travelers is inaccuracy in judging distances . After all , everything looks like a hop , skip ,and jump on a map . This is hardly a day trip ! In developing your travel skills , this is something that you will need to refine , whether you travel by car or train , Enjoy The Riviera , it's beautiful .

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If you want to go into the mountains, Isola 2000 is a ski resort, but I believe the lift shuts down on September 3. Its about a 2 hour dive from Antibes without traffic.

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As noted above, it's not really possible via car, and even difficult via flights. And the weather in Chamonix can be tricky in late September, making it potentially a huge waste of time. You could explore the Mercantour National Park, with a number of good hikes. There are the pre-Alps and then the Southern Alps that are reachable by car. Also, there are some trains like the Trains des Merveilles and Chemin de Fer de Provence (both leaving from Nice). Nothing will reach the majesty of Mt. Blanc or the Jungfrau, however, which are best seen in a separate leg of a future trip.

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I was wondering if it is possible/logical to take a day trip by car to Chamonix??

No, not from Antibes.

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Possible, yes, but not logical.

Nor would it be sensible.