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Annecy to Geneva Bus

I'm travelling from Annecy to Geneva airport in early July on a Tuesday morning. My flight is and international one to London at 12pm. I understand the bus is the best option. I'm having trouble finding timetable information. Can someone please provide some information or a link? Any other tips about this trip also appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Edit: I have just found some info I think. It seems I will get a bus to the station in the city of Geneva and then get a shuttle or train to the airport. That sound correct?

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Buses run between the central bus stations in Annecy and Geneva and are operated by Frossard ( Click on the Union Jack to see the English information. Note that the timetable doesn't translate the French days of the week to English, so you'll have to look those up. There are a couple of journeys per day direct to the airport, but otherwise you'll have to take a bus or train from central Geneva. Both are frequent.