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An Hour From Paris

Hi from Wisconsin,
Not a question, but a resource. A recurring question is: What can I do that is near Paris? There is a book, An Hour From Paris, by Annabel Simms. She identifies 20 locations accessible by mass transit. The book is supplied with a general transit map, and then each location has its own map. Paper maps, how charmingly out of date, but so handy when you sit down to read and it is right there. I picked up a copy of the book on eBay for a few bucks.

wayne iNWI

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We have been to most of the places in this excellent book and highly recommend it. Her directions are sometimes terrible though so be aware you may need additional map guidance. Here are a couple of our favorites:
Another book that inspired a couple of trips of ours was Caro's Paris to the Past. We went to this little chateau based on her description and loved the trip:
I would not have discovered it otherwise. There are other day trip sources, but this are distinguished by being about less well known sites. After you have been to Vaux le Vicomte, Auvers sur Oise, Versailles, Giverny, Reims and Rouen -- you will want some interesting less well known sites and Simms has an excellent collection.

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Thanks for sharing these resources. I was hoping my library has the book - it doesn't - but then I noticed the related blog site: An Hour from Paris. And there is a section on sites a 1/2 from Paris.

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That book is excellent indeed. It made me discover places I hadn't heard of, even as a Paris native - and I still have 5 or so places to go to.
I adapt her suggested itineraries to biking, and they make for lovely half-day outings with a bike.

There's also a "Half and Hour from Paris" book by the same author, but it is not quite as good / unique.
And if you've exhausted the An Hour From Paris book, there are 10 additional routes available for download at a cheap price.

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Yes, An Hour from Paris is very good. My two favorites that we went to last Oct were Senlis and Sceaux. Both were fantastic. Next week we may go to either Crécy-la-Chapelle or Montford-l’Amaury.

Janet, if you read this, which one do you prefer?

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Thanks, "other" Janet! I am currently rereading Caro's The Road from the Past and wondering whether she has written anything else but hadn't gotten around to checking. I love her writing.