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Americans: Do you go to the Juno Beach Centre?

Hi All,

I was just flipping through a Frommer's Easyguide to France and read a very nice write-up of the Juno Beach Centre. Since this book is aimed mostly at Americans, I was just wondering if any of you had gone there? A whole paragraph seems a bit lengthy just to please the minority of Canadians who would use the book.

I can't remember if RS covers it at all, and don't have it at my fingertips (despite writing this from work at a public library!).


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I assume you mean the Canadian centre (as you know, other Commonwealth troops were part of the Juno invasion.) The building is intentionally modern in style with flash exhibits using showbiz to animate the history.
The contents cover other areas, and other eras, of Canadian military action as well as the Normandy theatre.

The project has been somewhat contentious. It is not a federal government operation. Some critics think private interests wanted a contrast to some of the points of view in the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

I took a day tour of the beaches oriented to the Commonwealth. Our guide, a well-informed British man, disliked the centre enough to sit in the van rather than going inside with us. While the museum does contain some informative displays, in balance I rather agreed with him. Of course, it is best to see for yourself.

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To add to the comments posted by Southam, Juno Beach Centre is not strictly concerned with the D-Day events and covers a variety of other topics. I'm not sure what information the Frommer's Guide presents about it, but those who visit there will only find a few displays on the Canadian landings (at least that was the situation when I was there a few years ago).

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I haven't been to all of them but it seems that it would be a worthwhile experience to go to the cemeteries of other countries, not just one's own, that were involved in Normandy: for US tourists, the other cemeteries (in addition to US) would include the cemeteries of UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

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Thank you all for your replies.

Sorry I haven't replied myself; I was hoping our librarian that specializes in Canadian military history would be in today and I could ask him about Southam's response (he isn't). He's traveled the area several times and organized and presented programs on the topic.

If or when I get a chance to talk with him about it, I will post again.

Thanks again everyone.