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American college football

Hello, we're going to be in Paris for 5 days including Saturday, September 7. Are there sports bars that might be showing college football? I know most people would have zero interest in this. Just curious

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You do have a time difference that can cause a problem. And some of the bigger games will be tape delayed till a better hour.

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" I know most people would have zero interest in this"

Really-you mean there are people who don't know that there are only 27 days left until college football returns? What is wrong with those people? August 31 in Atlanta, here we come.

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Don't know about college football, but if you want to watch the GB Packers, go to the W.O.S. on Rue St Jacques in the Latin Quarter.

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"Thanks much for the suggestions. My wife is very hopeful that we can't find a place."

Hahaha...hopefully your wife will go ahead and enjoy some of the sights in Paris on her own while you watch your team! If she needs ideas we can help her out.

Go Gators.

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We've been waiting since January 7 for the season to begin !

Our fall travel schedule for the last 20 years has revolved around college football games....

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It was closed when I walked by in June but there is a Canadian Sports bar called The Moose that was advertising big screen TV's. Can't vouch for it in any other way. Hockey season won't have started yet so possibly college football may be on.

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Wherever it is, make sure they have Budweiser there.

Well, order a Budweiser would get you Budejovicky from the Czech Republic. Due to trademark disputes Budweiser (American) is sold as "Bud" in Europe

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Allan, thank you for the recommendation. Looks like the Moose will reopen September 4, so that works for us.