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Am I cutting it to short?

I will be in France from May 5th to May 9th. I am leaving early on the 9th by plane to Nice. I then need to be onboard my cruise ship the same day by 4. Am I cutting it to close? After readying some of the posts, I am concerned about airline strikes, demonstrations, etc.
Should I leave the day before?

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I'm risk averse when it comes to meeting up with tours, etc. I'd also be there the day before. It looks like May 9 is a Thursday. Last year there were rolling train strikes thru the spring. None announced yet that I'm aware of but I'd still want to get there the 8th.

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Should I leave the day before?

I will add another vote for this plan

If you 'miss the boat', what is plan B?

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I would go the day before because missing the cruise has a lot of negative implications. However, the absolute possibility of any strike, etc., is quite low. BUT -- they do happen from time to time. The probability of a flight delay because of weather or mechanical problem is greater than a strike. .

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Should I leave the day before?

Add my yes to the others.

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Thank you for your quick replies.
I will go the day before. Decision made with your help.

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I actually disagree with the advice to give up 2 days to travel such a short distance.

If you have to be on the ship by 4 (pm I presume?) I'd plan to be there by 3. If Nice or tendered from Villefranche sur Mer, half an hour by taxi from either the Nice airport or Nice Ville train station should be fine. Where is the boarding place?

The 9th of May this year is a Thursday.

The plane from Paris takes less than an hour (after the pre-boarding security theatre). I am assuming (correct or no?) that when you say you will have been in "France" since the 5th you mean Paris?

Even if there is a problem with a plane on a very early flight (unlikely) there are other planes on that route aren't there?

Personally I would take the train. No security theatre and very easy to do, and perhaps cheaper if you have cruise ship luggage.

The 6:07 TGV from Paris Gare de Lyon arrives in Marseille-St-Charles at 9:39, an easy 19 minute connection to a fast local train at 9:58 (grab a take-away coffee as you wait) which only calls at the 6 major stations on the way and deposits you at Nice Ville at 12:38. Plenty of time for a leisurely lunch at the Paul immediately in front of the station. Then get to the boat.

If you want to cut it a little finer, there is my old friend the 9:07 which is express to Marseille-St-Charles and then calls at the same stops as the local train, arriving at Nice Ville at 15:06, no changes.

The demonstrations have been generally on Saturdays, and there is a long time between now and May for it to diminish further.

Strikes are advertised well in advance and are unlikely.

We all have different degrees of worry and stress.

If don't mind leaving Paris a day earlier, then you could do a whole lot worse than a day on the French Riviera. Can you manage Paris with only 2 and a half days there? Have you been to Paris before? Have you been to the Riviera before?

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Even if everything goes right, you will enjoy yourself more if you allow time for things to go wrong. If planes aren't flying, trains will be more crowded and the first train out of town may not be available.

I agree with flying to Nice the day before. Enjoy a nice dinner with a sea view, sleep well, drop your stuff at the dock in the morning. Explore Nice some more then board the ship when you're ready for a late lunch on board.

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Hello Kathyfowle8

I'm living in France for 20 years and often went from Paris to French Riviera ( by train, plane or car).

If I were in your shoes, I would leave for Nice May 9th in the morning. There is plenty of time and transport options (plane around 1h or high speed train 5h-6h). But if for peace of mind you prefer to go to Nice the day before, it is an ok option too. Just be aware, that 8th of May is a bank holiday in France. Transports should work as usual, but might be more crowded.


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We are now thinking perhaps we should forgo Paris on this trip and spend time in Nice. We hope to be in Paris next year with more time to visit.