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Airport Lounges - Charles De Gaulle - Paris

Just wondering, I have seen that the lounges in Terminal 2A for American, Cathay, and Qatar are closed. We used to buy a day pass for the lounge to relax before the flight. Does anyone know if the lounges are closed for remodeling or because of Covid? And, are any lounges at all open at the airport. If they are worried about crowding in the lounge - I would be more concerned about crowding at the gates which are always jam packed - especially since it appears that most flights are 99% full.

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To my knowledge, the lounges at the airport are closed and have been since the first Covid confinement early last year.

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Just to clarify that the Air France/Delta/KLM lounges are open. We used one last September and in February.

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Interesting RFI. My CDG connections have been so tight that I haven't looked around for launge or resting space let alone have the layover time to use such a space.

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We flew out on United from CDG 2A last week. It was a noon flight back to the US. The "new/re-opened" terminal - especially the gate area - was still a deadzone. The check in area was busy but not crowded. Also, a lot shuttered stores and pretty much no real food/drink/shopping options beyond security. But it was also not very crowded there either. The security check was still getting sorted out, but also moved smoothly. Because of the slower security lines, we didn't have much time at the gate to wait, so didn't even think of using a lounge. Also, because of the remodeling at Terminal 2, lots of stuff was out of order. A couple escalators coming from the trains. Bathrooms along the way. And, shopping & eating options. Definitely still a work in progress. IOW expect some delays and maybe there won't be much need for a lounge.

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Lounges in 2A are closed because Terminal 2A has been closed pretty much since the start of Covid — lack of traffic meant that the airports authority closed off several terminals to consolidate traffic.

I know they are starting to open some terminals up — maybe 2A is now open or will be soon ?