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Airine Refunds

There have been multiples posts on issues with airline refunds. Here is a positive account.

Had purchased tickets on Delta for travel on Air France IAD to CDG. After our RS tour was cancelled waited a bit before contacting Delta. Eventually made the dreaded call to Delta's toll-free number and right away first thing you hear is the standard message of "long waits - up to 6 hours". Decided to take the "call back" option. Sure enough, it took a bit over six hours before the return call.

Once I had an agent on the line they reviewed the itinerary; I indicated that our tour had been cancelled, France was not allowing tourists from abroad, and Air France had no firm date for starting travel out of IAD. The clincher was that I mentioned that we were to have been on a Rick Steves tour. Right away the agent said they were fully aware of RS and associated cancellations. A few click later agent indicated refund had been approved and that was that. Total time from start to end of call - less than five minutes.

And to boot, refund appeared on credit card within 48 hours. Of course now to deal with obtain a refund check from credit card company - always a travail. Will definitely travel again via Delta and partners in the future.

All in all, only item not refunded was travel insurance. Did receive a voucher good till end of 2022 which will apply to future trips. I call this a very positive outcome!

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Good to know that 'things do go right'.

Sounds like you were calm, polite and informed, and created an atmosphere that made it easy for the agent to 'help' you , rather than be on the defense from an attack

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I'm impressed! We also had a positive outcome with Delta, but because I did not call (did everything online) it took a lot longer. After our RS tour was cancelled (originally scheduled for June 23) I waited to see if the airline would cancel since I'd heard we'd get an automatic refund if that happened. Delta did cancel, but they sent us an email saying we were being issued an automatic voucher.

I wanted a full refund, so had to apply online for that (should have called!). It took a really long time for it to get processed (I eventually called a few weeks ago but at that point she couldn't process it over the phone because it would have messed up the one that was already in the system). The woman I spoke with was super polite and helpful, but we didn't get notified that the refund had been processed until this week (about 2 months after we applied). And it still hasn't shown up on our credit card which we were warned could take up to another 2 billing cycles.

Moral of the story: try to request your refunds over the phone!

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We succeeded with AA. We had $3500 in tickets for us and our granddaughter in economy plus (which is actually very good internationally on AA). We got our grandchild's ticket refunded quickly because part of it was unaccompanied and they were rerouting people on 24 hour circuitous routes with lots of connections so obviously wanted no part of unaccompanied minors in that. Our tickets took weeks of refusing vouchers and insisting on refund. We will hope to make this trip again but obviously not until there is a vaccine or at least very good treatment -- imagine two olds in the hospital in Paris with COVID with a 10 year old away from family. So calm perseverance seems to work.

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We had three tickets purchased prior to the COVID-19 onset.

One with Delta was using miles, one with Delta for domestic travel and one with Air France for overseas travel.

The first one was Delta domestic and we quickly got a voucher to use in the future.
The second was using miles for overseas travel, which was easy to cancel. I received my miles back in my Skymiles account and a refund for the costs.
The Air France overseas trip was cancelled and we got a voucher to be used within a year. If we don't use it with a year, we get a full refund.

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We had flights to England booked for May 25th on Delta ... waited until Delta canceled the flight - which I only found out about when the flights dropped off my Delta account. I called on April 28th to ask if indeed the flights had been cancelled - yes. Then I asked about a cash refund . Request accepted .... still waiting to see the refund hit my account. I think someone said 4 months so we'll see. the Delta agent was great and I got the refund confirmation emails immediately.