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Airbnb or Vrbo

Needing a place to stay in Paris for 5 nights starting 5/22. I see there is some chatter here laws possibly changing soon? We are a family of 4 and renting an apt is surely the most economical . Any suggestions on renting would be appreciated.Was thinking about using Vrbo or Airbnb. Thanks.


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Whether you use Airbnb or VRBO or any other apartment rental service in Paris, just make sure the listing has the 13 digit registration number. If it doesn't have a registration number then you should assume it's an illegal rental and, while you may not have any problems, you take the risk of having the apartment pulled at the last minute.

There is also the option of legal apartment hotels, hotels with full apartments or at least kitchenettes.

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It always depends on the particular landlord. We have had lazy slovenly landlords through AirBNB and some whom we would book new places with sight unseen because we have such confidence in them. We have always had pretty good luck with VRBO but we are careful about vetting landlords and would never book without talking with them on the phone. My sense is that the odds of a dirty or poorly prepared apartment are higher with AirBNB especially with apartments that are legal and thus their regular homes.