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Airbnb Clarification Question

Hello everyone. I just have a quick clarification question since I am a little confused and want to make sure I am fully understanding the new regulations with airbnb type rentals.

Is this for all of Paris or just for 1-4 arrondissements? I am staying in the Saint Germain area and do not see the 13 digit number on the listing, but want to confirm I should be seeing it before I send an email to the owner.

Thank you in advance!

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The law applies to Paris, Paris suburbs and cities over 200,000. At this point, Airbnb has agreed to police its listings only in arrondissements. 1-4. On all Paris listings, to save yourself possible grief, it would be wise to look for the 13 digit registation. number.

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thank you! I kept reading about arrondissements 1-4 and that was where I was getting hung up on what the ruling actually was.