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Air Conditioning in July in Normandy?

Hi all,

We'll be in Bayeux for a few days in mid-July. I know from experience that it is worth the $ for air conditioning in Paris :-) -- is it necessary in Bayeux? We are staying at Hotel Reine Mathilde and they offer both -- but there's a significant price delta for an air-conditioned room.


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People have different thresholds when it comes to temperature
The average high in Bayeux in July is 70-75 degrees and the low 50-55

But who knows what it will be when you are there 5 months from now.

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The last time I went to Normandy (in 2015), it was almost 90F in Paris but so cool in Normandy that we did not go in the water at the beach. Same was true in 2010, 2011 and 2013 but those visits were in June. So, I would say that there is no need for air conditioning IMO but then again, I am usually cold. Average temperature in July is in the mid to low 70s if that helps you decide.

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We were in Dinard, at Hotel Reine Hortense, which does not offer A/C, on 06-08 Jul 2012. We had already bought a 240 Volt box fan at a big-box home center, for use in "chateaux" accommodations that also did not offer A/C. This hotel overlooks a shallow beach, with a view across an inlet to St. Malo.

We desperately needed the fan every night we were in Normandy and Brittany without A/C. Your mileage may vary. We bought a fan small enough to bring home in our luggage, but that's perhaps a little compulsive! We still have it. I believe there were multiple heat deaths in Western Europe that summer.

I seem to remember reading that some of the Rick Steves tours supply earplugs because of the street exposure of the selected hotels. You might ask if your hotel has any fans for guest use. And in Bayeux, think about those earplugs. Our expensive Bayeux hotel was out of town (we had a rental car), and had A/C. Nice, icy A/C, an Asian split-ductless wall-mount brand.

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AC also lets you sleep with the windows closed to keep mosquitoes and other insects outside where they belong.

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Your hotel is in a congested area, near a corner on a large thoroughfare, so there will be traffic noise.
If your room is on the top floor, you will be hot if there is no air-conditioning.
If you could possibly swing the extra money, I'd advise spending it for a/c.