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Afternoon in Annecy

I’ve planned to stop for a few hours in Annecy en route (by car) to Chamonix. Lunch, wandering, etc. I’ve never been and now that I know it exists I “plan to return,” so just curious to hear recommendations for a pleasant afternoon. Me, husband, two well-travelled under-10 children.

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The canal-filled historic center of Annecy is lovely, though it may be jam-packed with your fellow travelers. If you have extra time, one of the short excursions on the lake would be nice. I suspect you can rent bikes and ride along the lakefront, too.

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I agree about the central part of Annecy. And if you don't have time to rent bikes or take a boat excursion, just walking along the lake is a great way to spend your time.

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We spent one night in Annecy last September. We arrived about noon, walked from the Imperial Palace Hotel along the waterfront to the medieval center. We explored the market, had lunch, wandered around in the historic area, and took a boat ride. We headed back to the hotel around six o'clock. We felt like we had plenty of time to do all of these things - we were not rushed.

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Just wander the historic district if you only have a few hours. It's very scenic, has lots of little shops, restaurants, ice cream stores, etc. Of course it's likely to be crowded, but we got around just fine anyway.
If you don't live near water, you might like to walk over to the lake front. The park there is very nice but I wouldn't take a boat ride on the lake if you're only spending a short time in Annecy.

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hey hey moutainmama
i'm following this thread. we are spending 6 nights in annecy middle of september. love the answers that they have replied to. i would think that you could walk around the historic district with your kids. stop for lunch at a restaurant then drive to chamonix.. don't know how long that will take but do enjoy your time in annecy. this is rest and relaxation trip for 2 friends, some people may sya too long but we have day trips planned and plan to enjoy with a glass of vino on our apartment terrace over looking lake.

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I thought Annecy was a perfect mid-day stop between Lyon and Chamonix. I drove into town, parked in one of the many big parking lots (underground), made careful note of how to get back to my car, then wandered along the lake. It's a beautiful town with cafes, shopping and park area on the river. I centered on the old area where the river meets the lake. You probably don't have time for much more than a look around and lunch.

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They have pleasure boats that tour the lake with several stops and narration.

The House of Savoy chateau is disappointing--no furniture so they fill it up with modern art installations. I didn't see the chapel because it was closed.

There's also an animation/film museum a bit up the hill, too, which the kids might like

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Thanks, all. Sounds like a meander around in the old town, as I suspected, is just the thing. I'm really looking forward to this beautiful town.