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After hours tour of Opera Garnier

I would prefer to book an after hours tour of Opera Garnier that focuses on the history and architecture, rather than just on Phantom of the Opera. Any recommendations? There are several options so I am not sure which to book. Thanks in advance!

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Ruthie, did you read the description of the after-hours tour?

"Your guide will narrate its history through the story of Erik, the mysterious man with a hideous face, more well-known under the name of the Phantom of the Opera. Having made the opera his home, the Phantom knows its entire history and can recount 1001 anecdotes and other curiosities. The short story by Gaston Leroux will thus serve as a thread throughout the visit, leading you beyond the great chandelier, stall No. 5 and the angel of the music, to reveal unsuspected splendours."

Sounds like a "Phantom" tour to me. You might be more interested in the English-guided day tour.

We've done the Palais but on our own as a self-guided tour.

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I did read the reviews Kathy, and thanks for responding to my query! I found that all the sites honed in on Phantom. Loved the show so not to worry! There are no self guided tours after hours, unfortunately.