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Advice staying near Les Halles in Paris?

My husband and I are honeymooning in Paris in late November. I found a reasonably priced apartment on Airbnb that seems to have lots of space, light, and a decent view. The only problem is that it is near the Les Halles area, specifically on the Rue de Ferronnerie near Rue Saints Opportune. I’ve heard bad things about this area, specifically that it’s loud at night and doesn’t always feel the safest walking after dark. We are in our 30s and are not “club” people. We want to walk around and feel like we’re in Paris while also being able to sleep at night undisturbed.

Is it worth taking a risk by staying in the area. for the roomier apartment or would you not recommend staying in that the area?

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My thoughts are:

1) There are only 2 of you so how much room do you actually need?
2) There must be hundreds/thousands of apartments in Paris from which to choose
3) Les Halle is the busiest metro station in the WORLD...
4) There are many nice areas from which to choose

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No problem outright with the area. But be sure of a few other things. Does the bedrooom give onto the street or courtyard? Is there a restaurant, bar, or cafe with tables outside below? Is it on a higher or lower floor? (Elevator doesn’t matter if you are young but street noise does)
So for any apartment, be careful the bedroom isn’t in the street side, no clubs, bars, restaurants downstairs at all as it may use a restroom inside the courtyard, and get a higher floor. Les Halles is ok in general.

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Is it a registered apartment? That is, does the listing include a 13 digit registration number showing that is legal.

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I would not stay in that area. One of the least appealing, least charming areas in Paris. I don’t even like walking through it, which I just did a month ago.

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I'm with Susan om this. Don't know about the nights but during the day there are swarms of tourists, metro and RER switchers and up to no gooders. If you are considering that area, just across rue Etienne Marcel in the 2nd you'll find nightlife but more subdued without the commuter bustle. What do the apartment reviews say?

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Thank you for your replies. I think you all have confirmed my concerns about the Les Halles area. The aparment, with its size and view, seemed too good to be true, which likely means there are some major draw-backs to the area. I think we will be much happier staying somewhere closer to the Latin Quarter that's perhaps quieter and quainter. We've found that AirBnB prices are much closer to Hotel prices in Paris versus elsewhere, so we may go with a traditional hotel.

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I think you will be very glad you chose the Latin Quarter area rather than the Les Halles area. I love the Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement), St Germain des Près (6th), the Marais (3rd & 4th) and Ile St Louis (4th). But most of Paris, from the 1st to the 20th, is good - with a few exceptions, Les Halles being one.
You can tell what arrondissement a place you’re considering is in by the last two digits of the postal code, which starts with 750__.

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I think you would be smart to choose a hotel, especially in November. My last 3 trips I stayed in an apartment, but those trips were in May and September. My next trip is in December and I am staying in a hotel this time. The main reason is that for many apartments you enter from the street into a dark hallway, needing to turn on lights as you go, or they might be motion sensitive, and they turn off automatically. Not a big deal when it stays light quite late, but in winter it will be dark at 4 pm, and the thought of going into a dark building is not appealing to me. I would rather have the warmth of going into a well lit lobby in the winter.