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advice on getting from Avigion to Cinq Terre

My wife and I (3 years) are finally getting our Honeymoon.
We will be in Paris for 5 days to start, then we are thinking Avigion for a 3 day self guided bike trip (with Cyclomundo) where we will end up back in Avigion Oct 8, we then need to get to Cinq Terre the next day for Oct 9.

Should we take TGV to Nice and maybe overnight then early regional train from Nice to Genoa? then to Monterosso?

Any help, guidance and past experience most welcome.

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Spending a night in Nice is the most common way to break up this long trip, especially if you have enough time to see things in Nice. Otherwise, plan on a 9-10 hour train travel day. Train schedules through DB give accurate connection times but don't sell tickets.

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Congratulations on finally getting your honeymoon!

If you need to be in Monterosso on 9 October, it's certainly possible but will require a full travel day. I find that long train journeys are sometimes necessary, as they do eventually get me to the desired location, and in some cases it's necessary to crack on and get it over with. This is the route I'd probably use.....

  • Depart Avignon TGV at 10:02, arrive Nice Ville at 12:55 (via TGV high speed, which travels at up to 300 km/h).
  • Depart Nice Ville at 14:09, arrive Genova Piazza Principe at 17:05
  • Depart Genova at 17:47, arrive Monterosso at 19:03.

The trains suggested above are one of the fastest solutions, with the fewest changes.

Each of those trains has compulsory seat reservations, which will be provided with your tickets. If you wish to pre-purchase your rail tickets, you can do so at (registration on the site required). If purchased at up to 120 days in advance, significant savings are possible on the Italian trains if you're able to get Super Economy or Economy tickets. However, note that Super Economy are non-changeable and non-refundable so choose carefully!

If you haven't used trains in Italy before, a few points to note.....

  • If using slower Regionale trains, tickets MUST be validated prior to boarding on the day of travel, or you'll risk hefty fines which will be collected on the spot!
  • If using faster InterCity or Freccia trains, tickets don't have to be validated but are specific to train, date and departure time, and can ONLY be used on the one train listed on the ticket. If you board the wrong train, hefty fines!

If you need any directions on getting to your hotel in Monterosso, post another note.

Buon Viaggio!