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Advantages/disadvantages of Orly vs. CDG airport for Paris?

I haven't flown into or out of either.

Is one easier/harder to get to or from Paris?

Is one more/less organized?

Does one have to plan more time at either to either get out of the airport after arrival or get through security to catch an international flight?

Any other pertinent factors I'm missing?

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I always use Orly if I have a choice. It is much closer to Paris; cab ride is cheaper (30 from the left bank as opposed to 55 for CDG); it is a smaller airport. If you want to use public transport, it is cheaper and easier to CDG and is covered in the Navigo Decouverte pass which the Orlyval is not.

Most US flights use CDG but a lot of domestic flights in Europe have options for either. We use price first but if that is not a big difference, we use ORY.

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Thanks, I normally use public transport, bus, train, metro to get into town, so maybe advantage CDG there.

I also like getting out of the airport, with just a carry on, as quickly as possible so advantage Orly there.

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Ditto: Orly is MUCH smaller, closer to town, and easier to deal with.

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I agree with the others. If you have a choice, ORY is a smaller airport and much easier to get around. CDG is considerably larger and has several terminals, so it's more of a challenge to get around.

In terms of which is "easier to get to", both airports are at opposite ends of the RER "B" line so about equal in that respect. If travelling to ORY, you can only go as far as Antony station and then you'll have to transfer to the ORLYVAL automated people mover for the trip to the airport.