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Add-ons to Paris Tour (Normandy, London)

Hello -
We are looking at the best of Paris Tour for this Fall. This would be our first time in France and our first time with a RS tour. My husband likes to learn about history, so we would like to visit Normandy as well.

  • If we did the Paris tour, then Normandy, then three days in London, what would be the easiest way to get to Normandy and London? We have visited England before, we are just not sure about taking the ferry, or going from Normandy back to Paris and taking the tunnel train.
  • Is one day enough in Normandy? If we decide to stay an additional day in that region do we absolutely need a car? Not sure about driving over there

Thank you all!

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For us one day in Normandy felt rushed. We stayed at the Hotel Logis du Casino in Vierville-sur-Mer and can highly recommend it. The breakfast area has a lovely glassed-in view of the beach, where there is a war monument. It is about 20 minutes from the American Cemetery, which is beautiful (though of course sad) outdoors and also has a fascinating (again, sad) museum. We did not get to see the Bayeux Tapestry or really anything else in Normandy, so a second day would have been better.

If you take a ferry to England you'll want to leave your rental car in France. No sense paying to bring the car on the boat and then having the steering wheel on the "wrong" side of the car in England. Wherever your ferry brings you on the English coast, take a train to London from there.

(BTW, be sure to confirm and double-confirm your channel crossing, whether it's the Chunnel or a ferry boat. We got hit by a labor strike that canceled our prebooked crossing, leading to a mad scramble to reach a different ferry port in time to catch the only boat going that day.)