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Accommodations in Paris

At this time, I am still supposed to be leaving for France, on March 22nd.

Fortunately, I did not book any accommodations since there are always so many choices.

I am thinking that maybe areas not overly busy, might be my best bet as far as COVID-19? Areas less heavily traveled by tourists?

Also canning the idea of a hotel, and using airbnb (as last minute as I can), since they're less occupied than a hotel.

Anyone know how to get the stats on the areas of Paris, which have been affected? I am seeing for regions, but not really a breakdown on Paris. Would appreciate some help. Thanks.

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I would be wary of booking through Airbnb right now because they are so tight with refunds after you have booked. Usually you see that you can get your money back if you cancel the day after you have booked and that is it!

There are some cases in Paris, and of course patients from outside Paris who are hospitalized here, but there are no real concentrations or clusters so far .

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Hi Ginger,

Montorgueil Neighborhood ( in Paris is less touristy if you feel a need to stay away from the crowded areas in the city center. It is located in the 1st and 2nd arrondissements. There are very good hotels there like Citadines Les Halles Paris and Hôtel Victoires Opéra.

Here is a link that provides info in the areas affected in France with COVID-19 cases:

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Check out the Apartment Rentals on
They had quite a few studios and 1 bedroom apts in good locations quite reasonably priced with free cancellation.

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As of yesterday morning, Paris is Heaven. No one is wearing masks, crowds are down, and you would barely be aware of any problems vis a vis health issues. Indeed, the big news yesterday was that California was rapidly becoming the Corona capital of the US.

As far as I am aware, there are no "areas" in Paris that have been affected, even though an elderly person who had recently arrived from China died in France. What is a reliable source for COVID19 information? I am aware of the need for measured caution, but the City of Lights still blazes brightly. People are shopping, eating, bar-hopping, and generally enjoying life in the absence of any reliable information that the "plague" is imminent. Go, enjoy, live life.

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The health authority for the Paris metropolitan region is the ARS IDF (Agence Régionale de Santé de l’Ile de France).

Here’s a link to their page

Or follow them on Twitter, their handle is @ars_idf

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Also I don’t think there is any “away from tourists area” that is going to be any safer from Covid-19 than another. This is a big metropolitan area with all the criss-crossing that that brings. So far, people infected with the virus have been tourists and residents both. It doesn’t discriminate.

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I have several Paris friends. All are quarantined. Pictures of Paris look like it is a ghost town. Police are everywhere. No permit, large fine. I would reschedule my trip several months later, if I were you. Your first problem will be even getting to Paris, or France in general. I just noticed that you were to leave in March 22 and it is now the 30th. Hopefully, you rescheduled.