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Accessibility in Montmartre

I just made a reservation at HÔTEL DES ARTS MONTMARTRE 5, rue Tholoze 75018 Paris for two nights for the final leg of our trip to Netherlands/Belgium/France. It's not my first visit to Paris but I'm not too familiar with the city. My concern is my husband has some accessibility issues where he doesn't do great with a lot of stair climbing but he can walk miles in a day if it's flat as well as some hills, just not steep inclines all day. I noticed the Hotel Des Arts Montmartre was highly rated on TripAdvisor, noted as being centrally located, close to the Blanche & Abbesses metro stops. I also recall the steep climb & steps up to Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur when I chaperoned high school students on a choir tour - not sure if the hotel is in its vicinity. Is anyone familiar with the location of this hotel & can advise if it would be challenging for my stair-adverse husband to reach lower parts of the city (and back!) and make his way around the Montmartre area. Wondering if I should reconsider the hotel.

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We stayed at an air BnB not far from Hotel Des Arts Montmarte. We may even have walked by your hotel. I know we walked on Rue Lepic. Our Metro stop was Guy Moquet. Walking/mountain climbing up to the top of Montmarte would be a challenge for your husband. Your hotel (looking at Google Street View shows a bit of a grade. 1 step in 15 feet or so? Perhaps use a taxi from your hotel to the top of Montmarte? And perhaps back? Once at the Basilica you can use the Funiculaire to get you to the top plaza if you absolutely have to go up. Pro tip: Do not sit on the grass at sunset to see Eiffels Tower. Hundreds & hundreds of rats were scurrying around on the grass when we visited

As far as walking to the central Paris we did that because we enjoy the streets scenes. We did use the Metro to get back. It was a long walk but that might have been the Aperol Spritz's talking

You have a limited amount of time with 2 nights/1 day. I would use transit & taxi to maximize what you will be able to see

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That hotel is in the 18th arrondissement- not what I call centrally located, but its not in the burbs either.. Much of Montmartre is very hilly, but the walk to Abbesses looks relatively flat. The walk to Blanche is downhill; but it's up hill all the way back to your hotel. You might want to explore the area on Google Maps street view, or see if there are walking tour videos of Montmartre on You Tube. Certainly the areas closer to the Seine won't be nearly as hilly. As recommended above, use taxis or metro to get around.

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The Blanche metro, as well as most others along that line, has a lot of stairs. Abbesse, which is deep underground, has an elevator, but if it's not working, you are facing a tough climb for even unchallenged people. This is not at all the best area with your spouse's restrictions.

Rather than Trip Advisor where anyone can rate anything, check ratings on where only certified customers who have actually stayed at a hotel can rate.

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We were just in Montemarte two weeks ago. Hilly, hilly, hilly. Did I say hilly? And my husband badly injured his foot the day before. And we were not staying in that neighborhood; just checking it out for half a day.

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You might consider a hotel in St Germaine. Lovely and flat.

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Add my two cents. Terrible location for someone with mobility issues. It is all hills and stairs. And while Abbesses has an elevator as does Lamarck Caulaincourt, if those are out -- and we have encountered that -- you are talking about a very long walk to the surface. In fact if Abbesses were out I would go to Lamarck Caulaincourt and walk back -- still hills to climb that way but noting like the ramp to the surface from one of the deepest stations in Paris.

Part of the charm and beauty of Montmartre are the picturesque stairs and hills - but not if you have trouble walking. I'd stay in the Marais, Latin Quarter or St. Germain and visit Montmartre, perhaps doing a mini train tour up to Sacre Couer where you wind through some picturesque streets while sitting down in the little train.

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Thank you for all the responses! I've canceled the Montmartre hotel and booked a hotel in the 7th arrondissement. Are the metro stations in Paris pretty hit/miss when it comes to elevators or even escalators (sometimes working, sometimes not, sometimes nonexistent, like NY)?