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A question about Left Bank neighborhoods

Good day all!

I am having a hard time deciding where to book an apartment for our stay in May 2018. Our choices are near to each other on the Left Bank. One is located on Rue Monge, very near the open market, and the other one is one Rue St. Jacques very near to Shakespeare and Co. We are a high energy couple in our 40's. Could you give me pros and cons of each? Both are almost the exact same price for 8 days. I am interested in knowing about each neighborhood. Thanks a million!

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Both are fine. If you're walking distance to Notre Dame, you're in a good place. I haven't stayed in either but have been through both areas and neither stuck out as negative in any way. You might check the location of each on the map and go with the one that is the closest to the Seine.

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After January 1, 2018, everything will be much clearer to all who are looking for vacation rental apartments.

If you see a 13-digit registration number on a website, it is legal.
If you do not see a 13-digit registration number on a website it is illegal.
That's really all you need to know.

I would opt for the 5th or 6th arrondissements, because that's what people think of when they imagine what Paris will be like. I like the 6th - around Odeon Metro station and the Cluny museum - more than the 5th. There are more transportation options in the 6th.

I would not send funds to any agency or individual until at least the end of February, when the owners have had the chance to have the registration number appear on their websites.

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From the info you supply, I'd recommend the one on rue St-Jacques because it seem to be closer to the river and to the St-Michel station with its multiple connections to other places. Rue Monge is also nice, maybe a little quieter. If the open-air market you refer to is on rue Mouffetard, then your location is somewhat farther from the river, but close to attractive sights like Jardin des Plantes and Arenes de Lutece. Since you're high energy, I'd base the choice on proximity to the Metro station with the most potential to get you around the city easily.

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I booked a hotel near Place Monge for April. Its on Rue Mouffetard. Qualys Appolonia. Seems nice, clean, good reviews on Trip Advisor. Reasonable price. 15-20 minute walk to Notre Dame I believe. Then I am moving to Hotel Quai Voltaire right across from the Louvre, with 2 friends I am joining. oh, I just noticed you are looking for Apartments, not hotels. Sorry