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A question about a rental site for Paris

A popup on YouTube the other day led me down the rabbit hole of looking at apartment rentals in Paris.
The site is called, and they seem to rent apartments for a month and longer.
I'm just wondering if anyone here knows of the company or has used the company., as I hadn't heard of them before.
The apartments have the 14 digit reg. number.
You can rent them for a month, but most are for a few months at a time.
Just curious if anyone has any info about them?

Looking to the future when I can travel again...I like to bookmark places to stay.
See? Rabbit hole!!

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At first I thought you were maybe referring to Logis de France, which is actually a good hotel chain.

But Online, I now see:
“ImageLodgis › Paris real estate › Rentals
ᐅ Paris apartments for rent | December 2020 - Lodgis, an agency specializing in furnished rentals, offers more than 5000 properties to rent in Paris. All our apartments are fully equipped for ...”

. . . So this suggestion is for 2 different organizations, but both legitimate, and we’ve used both extensively, although always for locations away from Paris. Try, or Gites de France (

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I used them many times over several years, until the city of Paris put restrictions on short-term rentals. Lodgis pivoted to the longer-term market. I liked them because they photographed everything, rated the apartments, rated the neighborhoods, and suggested prices accordingly. But they don't own the apartments, so if there's a problem and you need to be moved, I don't know how that is handled ( water leak, no electricity), as opposed to a company that owns a smattering of apartments, such as Paris Perfect. I found Lodgis helpful, reliable, and legal and would use them again if I needed to find a longer-term rental. Another agency is Morning Croissant, but I've never rented from them, so I don't know how they handle conflicts or problems. Indeed, Logis is the hotel chain of moderate-priced, reliable, independently-owned hotels. Lodgis is the rental agency.

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Thanks all.
You're right about there being no backup in case of a problem.
Probably not the best for a tourist visit!

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Here are three different levels of service that might help you know your comfort level:

With any of the internet apartment rental platforms Airbnb or VRBO or HomeAway, you are pretty much on your own to work out any problems with the owner; it's a gamble that these platforms will help you if there's a problem.

Logis is an independent agency that inspects apartments, rates them, and takes pictures of everything, not just glamour shots. It's more than an internet platform and has an office you can visit in Paris. Never having had a problem, I don't know how one would be handled because ultimately Logis is an agency that matches owners and renters. You sign a contract with an owner.

However, an agency like Paris Perfect offers white-glove treatment and individual service from start to finish. You are more likely to have recourse in case of a problem.

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Not having ever heard of this company, I decided to ignore my brower´s warning to avoid as a potential security threat and proceed. Of the rentals I checked:

  • Most were for minimum periods of at least 1 month, many had 3 month rental minimums.
  • None had the government required, 13 digit registration number. For apartments in Paris, this number starts with 75
  • None looked as though they were offered by an owner/resident

This company looks like a legitimate real estate agent but short term rentals without registration number are not. Currently, unscrupulous operators are not fined by the government for offering illegal apartments. Fines can reach up to 50,000€ per occurrence for the apartment owner.

Contracts in France must be in French. Any rental contract you may sign in English is of absolutely no value and offers you no protection. As it is highly unlikely that I will be a client of Lodgis, I cannot confirm that their referred to rental contracts are in French or English.

Due to an acute housing shortage for residents of Paris, the French government, and particularly the City of Paris, have refreshed efforts to purge the city of illegal rental operations. I would only consider rental properties with registration numbers and then, only properties which appear as though they are otherwise occupied by the owner.

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I had no website warning, perhaps because we're in France. Our contracts, as well as the insurance contracts were in French, but we're French speakers so have never considered the language.
Over the ten years we used the company, they were scrupulously clear and legal.
They left the short-term, 3-30 day owner-occupied market, before the legislation was passed. Their current market is long-term and permanent furnished and unfurnished, highly unlikely that they would suit the typical vacation traveler. They are geared to company transfers and short-term residents. The laws on these 30+ day rentals are strict but different from the laws regulating an Airbnb rental. There's no need for anyone to be suspicious of the company unless you think I'm either suspicious or stupid.

Many RS travelers have liked Jazz's suggestion, Cobblestone.
Lodgis never marketed to Americans, so it is surprising that they showed up on your feed.
However, I'd forgotten about them and am glad you mentioned them because when we are in the Paris region for a month, I will consult their listings.

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Good information;thanks all.
As a Canadian, I'm not going anywhere fast or soon!
Last two times I was in Paris I rented from ParisBestLodge, and it was the same apartment both times, a year apart.
It was just fine, but that was four years ago, and the Reg. numbers hadn't become an issue then.
That apartment is no longer on their site; in fact they only have 3 or 4 now, but I think I saw the Reg. numbers
Next time I'd probably use Airbnb.