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A quart bag for liquids

I noticed those “TSA approved quart bags”for liquids appear larger than Ziploc quart bags. Has anyone had any problems at airports in Europe, particularly in France?

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I just always use the Ziploc bags, as I always have them on hand. I have never had a problem anywhere. I use the freezer iones as they are sturdier than the regular storage bags, but I am sure those would be fine also.

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I’ve done both. 2019, first trip after decades long absence I took the larger plastic zipped bag. Worked good. After Covid, I read that Heathrow is really picky about 311 bag size. Although I wasn’t flying out of LHR, I didn’t want to risk a problem. Last two trips I’ve used quart Ziploc freezer bags. Works OK but I really have to watch how much liquids/creams I’m packing. It makes me pack a tad bit lighter and find non-liquid alternatives, like solid shampoo.

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I have always just used freezer ziplocks because I'd read about people having issues at some European airports. In Oct 2022 when I was transiting thru CDG to Italy the person in front of me at the security line for 2F had to take their liquids out of a "TSA" approved plastic pouch and put it in the CDG ziplock. As she was doing that I held my ziplock up and the Security person who was holding the ziplocks looked, nodded and gave me a thumbs up.

IF you decide to go with one of these bags, go ahead and have a ziplock with you and load things into that bag before you get to security.

The plus to the TSA approved bags is that many of them will stand up on their own which is nice with the limited space in hotel bathrooms.

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my experience at Heathrow is that there is a supply of bags and you must use them, FWIW

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Well, I flew out of Heathrow yesterday for the first time without having to put my stuff in their baggie, but I had already put it in a Ziploc quart size baggie, which looked pretty similar to there so maybe that’s why I was lucky. since I had checked my bag for the return I had very few liquids with me

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I just flew out of 2D at CDG, BA to LHR; our 3-1-1 bags did NOT have to be taken out of our carryons and my tablet stayed in my bag, too, so it appears there's some upgraded scanners there.

LHR, Terminal 5 - yeah, that's a no, their security is still antiquated.