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A heads up for people wanting to view the July 14 Bastille Day parade in coming years

We read a lot of information (in English) about the parade times today but didn’t realize they set up a perimeter a block away from the Champs Elysées in all directions and not allow anyone close to the street after 10:00. We made the best of our 10:15 arrival time and saw the wonderful aerial displays, marching regiments in the distance and eventually large groups of regiments as they exited the parade grounds near Madeline. Had we realized this extra security we would have arrived earlier. Thousands of other people were milling around with us outside the perimeter. Plan accordingly especially if you are only reading cryptic English information that just list Presidential arrival and parade times but don’t mention the most important time of all.

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Bummer. Mona! Noted, if we're ever there for Bastille Day.

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The need for hyper security has ruined many of the pleasure of community events. We used to love the Montmartre Wine festival -- now everyone is penned into a small area with security entry and the whole thing is deeply unpleasant. We have been to the Tour du France final and to the Bastille Day Parade -- Sorry to hear that those things are now treated this same way.

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@janettravel44 I specifically asked 2 officers about the TdF and they said people would be allowed to move freely up to the route of the finale. They said the restrictions for Bastille Day were only because the President was there.