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A 15 day itinerary for France

I am planning a 15 day trip to France in early June with my 9 year old boy. We will be completely reliant on public transportation. I have been to Paris, Marseilles, Arles, and Avignon. It will be my son's first visit to France. We visit Europe about once every year, and have recently spent time in Cinque Terre, Austrian/Italian Alps, Salzburg (and the lake district) etc. My son enjoyed all of those places.
I am considering: Paris, Alsace region (with maybe Colmar as base), Alps region (with Lyon, Annecy, or Chamonix as base).
I want to end with 5 days in Paris.
Hoping for two bases of 5 days each for the other 10 days, but willing to split into more as per your recommendation. Willing to skip Alsace, and commit 10 days to the Alps region if that makes sense.
Some people in this forum have expressed profound liking for Annecy. But others say, without a car, doesn't make sense to spend too much time there. We absolutely loved our time in Italian Alps, but would 5 days in Chamonix be too much if public transport isn't as convenient there? Lyon sounds like a very well-connected hub, but given that I will be spending 5 days in Paris, does it make sense to stay in Lyon. And certainly, if we stay in Lyon, it would put Chamonix out of reach. Any insights/help regarding this would be highly appreciated.

If anyone has suggestions outside of what I am considering, would love to hear those too.
Thanks much,

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Lyon is fabulous, but not as a base to visit the Alps. You could however fly in there, or to Geneva, to start your trip, ending in Paris.

I think you've got plenty of time to visit 3 regions in 15 days. You cold even spend a few days in Lyon; read up on it to see if that appeals.

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Thanks! Based on your response, and looking some more into Lyon, decided to allocate 2N to Lyon. However, since the urge to visit Alps was strong, decided to go with Chamonix over Colmar, David. Decided to save the Alsace region for a whole separate trip! Now I have to figure out how to return from Chamonix to Paris. Will create a separate post for that.