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9th arrondissement hotel in Paris?

Newbie to France exploring the option of using Marriott rewards points in Paris. This hotel near the Opera is not in a guidebook recommended neighborhood, but do those of you who are familiar with Paris know if this could be a good location to base for 5 nights/4 days in Paris. The priority is to have a good experience in the city over using rewards. We will be staying in smaller local accommodations elsewhere in France and don't tend to spend much time in our room. Thanks for your insight.

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It's smack dab in the middle of a very busy part of Paris right near the huge department stores Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. It's not where I'd go looking to stay if I were looking for somewhere charming. On the other hand, if I had a chance to stay in central Paris for free, I wouldn't sneeze at that either!!

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This is very centrally located and not a bad place to stay. People pay big bucks to stay at some of the five-star hotels near Opera. What Kim means is that it's not a residential neighborhood with food shops, apartment buildings with a neighborhood feel but rather stores, offices, banks. However, if you go a block off the boulevard in any direction, it becomes more residential. I have friends who live near there; there's nothing wrong with the area.

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As Kim and Bets are implying, it's not the arrondissement that matters, but the exact location within the arrondissement. And I agree with Kim and Bets; it's not where I'd look for a hotel if I were paying, but if you can stay for free with points, it's fine.

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Find the Metro and a bakery nearby and you'll be fine.

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I stayed in the 9th a few weeks ago, perhaps 10 minutes walking distance from this area. There are plenty of chain bakeries and cafes for quick meals nearby, and plenty of restaurants a bit farther out. The area around Rue des Martyrs has a lot of small restaurants and a gem of a little Vietnamese eatery. PM me if you'd like any specific details!

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It's a 5-6 minute walk to the Opera metro station, which connects you everywhere. Another 1-2 minutes and you are at my favorite place for macarons and good chocolates too. It's not far from the main sights on the Right Bank and you have metro lines from two closer metro stations to different parts of the Left Bank.

My favorite area is the Marais, but if I could stay in Paris for free - or, heck, even bargain prices, I'd take this one in a heartbeat. Print a copy of the metro map for central Paris and do your homework. During the day, it's probably faster to take the metro (avoid changing trains if possible, it usually involves going up and down stairs and/or long walks), but in the evening buses can be good, you get to see the city as you ride.

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Agree completely with Chani (except for the favorite part of Paris). Some guidebooks do not recommend the Opera area and some do. If you are thinking of the Marriott Paris Ambassador, it is in an area with easy access to many attractions and within walking distance to a lot of great restaurants and with excellent transit connections. As others have said, there are a lot of department stores in the area but the side streets can be quiet and pleasant. If you like large American style hotels, this is as good as any other in Paris and actually better located than many. AirBnB has a neighborhood guide that discusses the Opera area that you might want to look at:

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After reading your replies we have decided this hotel will suit our needs. Seems we will be able to find a croissant and the metro nearby to start our day and we plan to be out exploring the city except to sleep. Can't pass up free. Oh wait...$25.00 for taxes. Thanks for the helpful input!