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9th Arrondissement Running?

For our upcoming trip to Paris (July) we’ve got a competitive runner in our group who will be wanting to run about four miles daily.

Any suggestions on places in 9th Arr./Les Grandes Boulevards which would be good (safe, legal, etc.) for one person going out on a likely-morning run, ideally not “just” a small loop?

Thank you so much!

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Your friend in all likelihood uses Strava. They can look at the Strava heatmap for Paris and see where people run the most. Along the seine, the canal St Martin and nearby parc Des butte chamont, and through Bois de Bologne and Bois de Vincennes are great runs.

I highly recommend running from Paris to Versailles if they need a longer run. You all could take the train and meet him there. DM me if they are interested and I can share my route.

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The 9th arrondissement is not a neighborhood that allows running.

The main axes like the Grands Boulevards will be full of obstacles, walkers, people who go to work, cafe terraces, intersections every 100 meters with traffic lights. Less busy streets will not be better with their narrow sidewalks, people walking, crossroads. This environment is not made for training and your friend may disturb other people.

The closest place would be to go to the quays of the Seine right bank (north bank) through the Jardin des Tuileries.
The entire route along the banks between Place de la Concorde and Bastille is dedicated to this kind of activity. (it's necessary to go down on the bank)

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Not a great neighborhood to run, but if you must, heading straight down rue Montmartre followed by rue du Louvre (where a decent jog is feasible) to then properly run along the Seine is probably the best bet! Sidewalks are quiet before 8.30 AM or so.

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Find an upscale hotel in that area and email their concierge as if you are planning a stay, they probably have that info

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Phred is right. In the 8th, I know the George V used to offer running maps, or even a running guide/buddy. An avid runner, I ran all over the 8th with no problem. I realize you are staying in the 9th, but perhaps as Phred mentioned, a nice hotel may be able to offer some assistance. Balso had a good suggestion.