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8 nights - Paris, Beaune, Geneva & Venice

Hi all,
Would love advice on this route - intent is to stay Paris 2 nights, Beaune 3 nights, 1 night in Geneva/Lauterbrunnen valley,
2 nights in Venice. The 1 night at Lake Geneva/Lauterbrunnen is to break up the train trip We would be traveling in late March. Is Geneva even the best choice?

Thanks for all your help!

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What do you plan to do in Beaune? You might want to spend less time there and more in Paris. There is so much to see and do in Paris, and even 3 nights won't give you nearly enough time. There's not a lot to see in Beaune itself, unless your goal is to relax and explore the surrounding Burgandy region?

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Geneva / Lauterbrunnen - they aren't really that close to each other. You'll need to choose one or the other.
Personally, although some might disagree with me, I really like Geneva. It is not at all in the mountains, nor does it really look like the Switzerland you probably have in your mind. It is a very Parisian-looking city on the lake with a view of the French Alps across the lake. If you want to be in the mountains then head to Lauterbrunnen.
One night in either placed is rushed. It would be easier/faster via train to get to Geneva than to Lauterbrunnen from Beaune - about 4.5 hours to Geneva...about 6 hours to Lauterbrunnen. It is also shorter from Geneva to Venice than from Lauterbrunnen.
That said, the mountains around Lauterbrunnen are gorgeous. BUT...March is not a very good month to could be very cloudy, grey, and snowy. You'll be lucky to get clear weather on the one night you are there.
At least in Geneva there are things to do and see if the weather is nasty - the old town and cathedral are beautiful with many shops and restaurants. The lakeshore is also very nice and walkable even in grey weather. Bring money...very pricey city.

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Is this route by car or by train or both?

If by train from Paris to Beaune, you'll want to rent a car in Dijon or Beaune to explore Burgundy surroundings while you're there. If you don't want to drive, there's enough to see in Beaune for a full day (two nights) but probably not more.

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You'll be spending a large ratio of time moving around. Can you cut back moves and distance?

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Okay - sounds like Lauterbrunnen is better choice for scenery we are looking for. Could anyone speak to visiting the Burgundy region in March at all? Is there an area in France that might be better for that season? We are looking for beautiful scenery and architectural sites (cathedrals/castles/bridges).

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I would not suggest Lauterbrunnen in March - Spring/summer is best here.
Paris (2nts) >> Beaune (2nts) >> Luzern (1nt) (via Bern) >> Milan (1nt) (via Como) >> Venice (2nts)

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Eight nights, 7 days, is not much time--particularly w 4 locales. Have you considered flying? It would be cheaper and faster. Check for flight info. And at that time of year, weather could be problematical for enjoying views as you drive.

With such a short trip, I suggest 2 locales, preferably offering indoor activities if the weather is bad--maybe Paris and Venice.

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Burgundy can be dreary in March. The real season to visit is once it starts greening in early May to October.

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Yes, Lauterbrunnen is in a dead end canyon, so to speak. Time consuming to get into and time consuming to get out of. It is still ski season there. Why go to Beaune in March when it is a wonderful place to visit in summer and fall when the grape harvest gets going. I'd almost say spend 4 nights in Paris then fly to Venice for 4 nights.

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I agree with the others that it makes most sense to me to do Paris for 4 nights, fly to Venice for 4 nights and then go home. Major cities with lots of indoor activities are best for this time of year. I would avoid countryside and the Alps and save them for the summer or early fall.