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7-night trip to France beginning 12/31 - suggestions

My wife and I are landing in Paris in the afternoon on 12/31, flying out 1/7. We have both travelled in Europe but are a bit rusty and this trip has been postponed multiple times due to covid, so we want to make the best of it.

Currently leaning towards taking a direct train to Lyon for NYE, Lyon for 3 nights, doing day trips from there to Annecy and perhaps a half day wine tour depending on what is available. We are both foodies so Lyon obviously has much to offer on that front even at this time of year. I also tentatively picked Lyon because it seemed like a part of the country that will still be somewhat lively in early January with thru traffic to skiing and whatnot. We are not skiiers and are not interested ourselves in Chamonix, etc. for this trip.

Finish that up with 4 nights in Paris with various day trips. We are going to Paris and need to spend our last night there regardless to catch our flight home that morning. The rest is flexible.

I suppose what I'm asking for is any suggestions for an improved itinerary for this particular time of year (early January) from anyone who has been there?

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Sounds like a good plan. NYE will be the most elaborate fixed-price menu of the year, but if you're not up for it after flying in, you still have two days to enjoy food.
See if you can't add the Lyon leg onto your itinerary on one ticket.

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The alternative thought has been to do night #1 (NYE) in Paris and then go to enjoy off-season Nice for a few days for R&R before heading back to Paris for three nights.

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Wasting time in transit and changing hotels unless you can fly directly to Nice. Delta has a JFK to Nice flight and someone else I read. Train from Paris is 6 hours each way. For efficiency, go to your furthest point and work your way back to Paris.

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Hi, following post for suggestions. Plan is a little different with June arrival in Venice and working way back to Paris but hope to stop in Annecy or Chamonix or other cute towns near the Alps