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7 days in France

Hi Friends

Any tips for a couple with an 8 year old travelling to Paris. WE have 7 full days. Would like to visit, Paris, Lourdes and a quaint town away from the city which captures the vineyards and country side feel.

Appreciate tips and advise on acc0modation and city itinerary.

Many thanks

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Lourdes is a long way from Paris on a relatively slow train line. If it is a must, I would strongly recommend staying at least one night there.

The only wine growing area close enough to Paris for a day trip (Paris is fairly northerly) is Champagne. The standard daytrip destination from Paris is Rheims (pronounced Rahnce) which is a fairly large city. You could also look into the slightly smaller Epernay, or somebody on the site who knows the region better than I might be able to recommend an actual small town. If you are willing to tie yourself down to a specific arrival and departure time, you can get advance discount fares for tickets from Paris to Rheims or Lourdes online - see for advice depending on where in the world you come from.

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Be sure to add things that your child will like. Spend an afternoon at a city park so he/she can play with local kids. Or spend a day at Paris Disney. It would be a nice reward for suffering through all those boring, stuffy things grown-ups like to do.

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Paris is not in a wine region so you have to go further than is reasonable IMHO with only a week in Paris to see vineyards (except for the tiny vineyard in Montmartre which is a bit of a joke). Obviously if you want to go to Lourdes you should do it, but it is inconvenient to get to and will suck up a couple of days of your limited time.

If you want to see a smaller town, there are dozens in the Paris region reached in an hour or less by local train. Here are a few we have done. I particularly recommend Conflans Sainte Honorine for the ease in getting there and the lovely walk along the Seine.
Another great day trip is Auvers sur Oise where Van Gogh lived out his days and has many of the sites of his final paintings and his grave.