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5 nights in Corsica, September 2022

After doing much research, we are considering the following areas for our 5 night stay:

Calvi, Algajola, Ile Rousse, Cargese

We want to spend some time on the beach, snorkel (either on our own or on a short tour), take the train/tramway, enjoy our meals outdoors on our own terrace and also in quaint/interesting cafes and wine bars with beautiful views of the water. If possible we would also like to kayak, bike, and enjoy a short boat ride to coves/caves/beaches.
Do any of these places stand out more than the others in terms of our preferred activities?
Any suggestions on accommodation? We like to have a private terrace/patio on the beach or overlooking the sea and cooking facilities.
Could we get by without a car if staying predominantly in the area?
WE will be coming from Nice. Would we fly into Ajaccio?
How might we get from Ajaccio airport to the area we will stay in?
Thank you so much!

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From Nice you can fly to Ajaccio, but if you aren't planning to stay there you might want to try to fly to Calvi or ferry to Ile Rousse. Both are pretty well set up for tourism, so you could be guided by which transport option works best for your plans/schedule. Personally I like the ferry, but that's a personal choice. There are limited bus options in Corsica for getting around, just be sure you know the schedule. If you miss it, there may not be another bus that same day!

From the airport in Ajaccio you can take a shuttle bus into town, or hitchhike--we actually ended up hitchhiking because the tiny little shuttle bus would fill up super quickly with people who'd already been waiting and their luggage. It didn't seem to come very often and we figured we'd have to wait 2 more rounds to make it.

Also I don't see Piana or Porto on your list, but I absolutely loved this area. A day trip to Saint Antonino is also definitely worth it (and should be pretty accessible from Ile Rousse or Calvi).