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5 Days in Paris, is a side trip possible or needed?

My wife and I have 5 full days in Paris this September. Should we (or is it even possible) to take one day and go to the Loire Valley to go chateau searching, or is it just better to have an extra day in Paris?

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A one-day trip to the Loire is tiring, and there are lots of chateaux around Paris already (typically of a later period, but still). I would stick with Paris, and think about Versailles, Vaux le vicomte or Fontainebleau maybe.

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There is so much to see in Paris, we’ve never done a day trip. Do you like museums? Paris has an amazing assessment.

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I had 6 full days in Paris and the only day trip I made was to Versailles...plenty to do and see in Paris to keep you very busy.

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I agree with the comments about the Loire Valley. You would be better served using your time seeing the sights and sounds of Paris. Versailles is a worthy side-trip destination: we did it 5 years ago the morning before our Paris and the Heart of France tour started.

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Really in that length of time, you have no need to leave the city. But Chartres or Maintenan would be an easy day trip.

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Chartres, Versailles or Fontainebleau would be your best bet for a day trip, but think you will find Paris to have so much to do, getting anywhere else will seem time consuming. Each arrondissement has something unique to visit, and will keep you plenty busy. Paris is for exploring, taking walks, enjoying the lights at night, and cafe surfing. 5 days will hardly scratch the surface.

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Plan one side trip and once in Paris you can decide if you feel the need or have time to do it. Versailles is easy to reach but will need (at least) a whole day to visit, the other beforementioned châteaux need lesser time to see. Like to add Château de Chantilly as a place to consider too.

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Hi melton, a day trip outside of Paris is certainly ‘possible’, but not ‘necessary’! I’ve spent weeks in Paris and still haven’t seen everything. Suggest Versailles (don’t miss Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet), or Giverny (we did a Fat Tire Bike tour that was fun). Both easy day trips. Enjoy your trip!

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Of course it is possible. But totally up to you on the pace you like to travel. We did a day trip to Versailles and loved it, next time it will be to the Champaign region. It's just a nice change of pace, different scenery and train travel. Of course you could spend all 5 days in Paris and never get bored.

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We LOVE Paris but still feel like 4 days is a good visit. The first time we went we only stayed 3 full days and one half day.
If it were me I would spend your 5th at a close-by sight. Versailles if you haven't seen it!

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Agree with others, Versailles is kind of the “day trip” if you’re going to do one. It’s worth the efforts. The town of Versailles (not necessarily between the chateau and the train station) also feels surprisingly “local” with a low-key atmosphere you might appreciate compared to Paris.