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4 nights in Paris

Hi -in March 1018 I am spending 4 nights in Paris with my wife and 10 year old daughter-it is my daughter's 1st time. We are trying to decide what area to stay as well as choose a hotel or B&B for $200 or less. Walking is good-we would like to show our daughter the "big" sites and good food is important--any suggestions? Thanks very much!

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My favorite areas to stay are: Ile St Louis in the 4th arrondissement, the Marais in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement, the Latin Quarter in the 5th, or St Germain in the 6th. is a good source to find a hotel. Read the reviews.

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I haven't but a friend of mine has stayed there and liked it very much.

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Look at Hotel Ste Germaine at 88 Rue du Bac, or Relais Medicis at 23 rue Racine. Both near Metro stations, traditional decor and included breakfast.
You might also consider renting an apartment instead of a hotel. Your cost per night will likely be lower, and you will be able to have some meals in, which also helps on the budget. I think that going out to get your breakfast at the local boulangerie each morning and later picking up fresh fruit and veggies, salads, roast chicken, etc. at the market for a picnic is part of the charm of Paris, and among my favorite ways to experience the city.

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Mark: Unless your 10 year old is into fine dining, you might try taking her to a creperie, as a favorite Paris experience. If she likes gardens, the Luxembourg and the Parc Monceau are very nice. I agree with the suggestion that you consider an apartment for your stay, especially one with some sort of a view. I think that adds to the charm of the Paris experience, although you do not have some of the extras you might get at a hotel. Peter

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Hi Mark,

I just responded to your post about Rome :)

I was in Paris summer 2016 with my then 13yo daughter, and am returning this summer with all three kids; 9, 12, 14. We rent an apartment, bc of the cost of finding a place for 5 and because of the ability to eat meals in, which we mostly did last year. In 2016 we stayed in the 5th (latin quarter) and this year will stay in the 6th). I think the Marais would be nice as well, but I also think that outlying arrondissement are overlooked (19th). We got bread and fruit and coffee for most of our breakfasts in. We had picnic-style meals for most dinners (buying a slice of quiche, a salad, some bread at a boulangerie, and maybe some cheese and fruit at a grocery). And we ate street food for lunches (crepes, sandwiches, falafel in the Marais of course). The Rue Cler is a great place for picnic type food, which you can combine with a trip to the Eiffel and Trocadero or Army museum.

For "good" food, you could peruse Paris by Mouth and make some notes before leaving (or mark places on - a non-wifi needing map app.). Paris by mouth is a website with restaurants described and related by area.


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As you know, Porte Doree is past Nation and is far out compared to say Ile Saint Louis as far as being central... In a short trip with a child I wouldn't stay that far out. It means lots of metro travel.

Also keep in mind that you never know how jet lag may affect a child... Do you live in a city where your child walks A LOT on a daily basis? All these factors would influence where I would stay. Most hotels will add a rollaway bed for a small child at no cost, especially if you ask prior to booking so you won't need a triple room.


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Thanks JJ-that makes sense---any opinion about Hotel Fabric--31 rue de la Folie-Méricourt-thanks again!