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4 days set in Bordeaux- 8 free days- help with an itinerary

We are set to meet friends in Bordeaux September 23rd for 4 nights at a cooking school. We will have 8-10 more days to spend in France with the possibility of going to San Sebastián for a couple of nights if feasible.
I welcome any suggestions of an itinerary. Should we fly into Paris, do Normandy, train to Bordeaux, and fly home from San Sebastián?
Or, do we go another route and try to fit in Provence. My husband and I have neither visited Provence. I’ve been to Normandy but he hasn’t.
It seems that the trains are the best options for getting places faster than cars- not to keen on a car unless driving in small villages or towns.
Thanks for any help!

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The Normandy to Bordeaux is not well connected by train. You would have to go back to Paris.

Why not skip Paris fly into Marseille for Provence and then take the train to Bordeaux (though this is at least 6 hours and there is no TGV service) and then train to San Sebastion

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Since you are going to be in Bordeaux, why not make a visit to the Dordogne, which is not too far away. But it would probably involve renting a car, since it is not well served by public transportation. But if you rent a small car, it should not be a big problem driving on the back roads of France (where you will get to enjoy some splendid scenery). Peter