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4 days in Paris

Just wanting some guidance on day trips to the country areas within a hour from Paris via train.
I would love to just experiance a day not necessarily a tourist spot, but in a lovely village to wander the streets, enjoy lunch,
Etc. I am into photography and will also have my elderly father with me.
If it were possible would like to hire a local guide in the area that might know some of the places the usual tourist would not visit.
We arrive late in May from Edinburgh after travelling through the Uk.
We're born and bread in Australia and looking for some exciting places to visit.
Look forward to any information available
Cheers Chris

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Highly recommend taking the train to Giverny/Vernon to see Monet's house and gardens. It is beautiful and worth taking the day trip.

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If you have not already booked a place to stay, I would really recommend staying on Rue Cler. Almost no cars on the street at all and wonderful shops for everything (flowers, sea food, bread, wine, cheese, fruits, etc). Very easy to walk the street and only 10 minutes from both the Eiffel tower, Napoleons tomb, and the Rodin museum. We have stayed there twice and will be back again. Hope you have a great trip.

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Thanks for the info
We do have accommodation already booked but we will definately head to the Rue Cler.
Looks amazing
Thanks again

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See if your library has Paris to the Past by Ina Caro, descriptions of many historic places you can visit by train, most them a day trip from the city. It was published in 2012 so some of the directions may be outdated, but if you decide to visit any of the places it should be easy enough to check on how to get there now.