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3rd Draft of France Itinerary (Final I think) - Feedback requested!

Hello again. Here's my 3rd attempt at our itinerary for May 2020. We are renting a car for travel from Marseille, through Provence, Chamonix, Burgundy then to Paris. Feedback requested!

Fri - overnight travel to Marseille
Sat - Late day arrival, hotel in Marseille
Sun - Depart Marseille, drive to Provence (staying in an Airbnb in Beaucaire)
Mon - Provence
Tue - Provence
Wed - Depart Provence, drive to Chamonix (staying in a hotel)
Thur - Chamonix
Fri - Depart Chamonix, drive to Burgundy (staying in a hotel)
Sat - Burgundy
Sun - Depart Burgundy, drive to Paris, return rental car (staying in an Airbnb in Marais section)
Mon - Paris
Tue - Paris
Wed - Paris
Thurs -fly home

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I think it looks good.

Where are you picking up the car in Marseilles? I think the airport is a bit out of town, so you might want to get a hotel that is close to your car pick up. And make sure you know the location of where you are returning the car. I would think dropping off the car at a Paris airport would be preferable to having to drive in the city, unless you are an experience Parisian driver.

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Looks good indeed! Where in Burgundy do you have in mind?
Regarding Marseille car pickup location, airport can be cheaper thanks to the presence of less reputable renters like Goldcar and Firefly, but the train station is convenient, as it is both fairly central and right next to the highway to the north.