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38 minute connection Gare de Nord to Gare de l'est

Just trying to do some due diligence for a December trip. Have not booked tickets yet. Will probably be using a Eurail Pass

Arriving Gare du Nord on first Eurostar from London at 1017.

Departing Gare de l'est at 1055 to Strasbourg.

If we are unable to catch the 1055 to Strasbourg next train is at 1255.

As I understand from other reviews, it can be walked in 10 minutes or less, using stairways, or a couple minutes longer if taking a slightly longer street route.

Guess I am asking what is the general consensus is this a doable/reasonable plan?

Thanks in advance

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It can be done, and yes, between the two stations is probably less than a 10 minute walk. But you will not be starting from the front of Gare du Nord, nor ending at the front of Gare de l´Est. If you know the two stations, I should not think it difficult as long are you arrive on time, but if you were that familiar with these layouts, you would not be asking this question. Departure track numbers are not announced much earlier than 20 minutes in advance, you do not need to be present in the station much earlier than that.

Eurail passes are rarely cost effect, at least not for travel within France, and their website does not list all trains. Refer to the official SNCF website for complete schedules and pricing:

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Do price out your tickets carefully to see if the pass is a money saver. Remember that you will need to pay additional for a reservation with the Eurail pass on high speed French trains and that these are limited for Eurail holders.

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Or play it safe and take the 12:55. Allows for possible delays, less stressful walk/run to the next station and a food/snack stop at either station if desired.

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I'd not get a Eurail pass but that ship has sailed. It would be cheaper to just buy a couple of tickets for december now than to make the reservation with the pass.

Find out which end of the train will be closest to the station and then 15 minutes before arrival make your way to that end of the train with your luggage so you cut the long walk in the station. This will be tight especially since just finding your track at Est means getting oriented there as well. Look at maps on line; try to be at the station end of the train when it arrives; have your moves planned in advance; know the layout of the Est station from the entrance you will use and if lucky you will make it. FWIW I have only used the Eurostar twice -- both times it was over half an hour late.

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Your understanding on the amount of time it takes from Nord to Est is correct. Taking the street route, I turn left at the McDonalds and walk up towards Est. I've done both routes a zillion times.

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I appreciate everyones comments and suggestions.

With regard to the Eurail Pass, we are traveling beyond France, to include Germany and Switzerland. Have used this pass several times before, and on other trips have just bought tickets for a specific train. It just depends what we are looking for.

On this particular trip, the only trains that require a reservation, that we are taking will be Eurostar, and TGV to Strasbourg. Other than these two, we wanted to have the flexibility of the pass vs. being locked into a specific train for the remainder of the trip, recognizing that yes it may be cheaper to buy point to point. We will use a flex pass,(which in my mind is a reasonable cost if you hold it to a 4 or 5 day pass) and use it on the most expensive runs, and purchase remainder of tickets point to point, or utilize regional passes like the Bavarian Pass for example.

Back to the transfer between stations, if we choose to do this on the shorter connection, getting to the front of the train is an excellent idea. At this point I think I have a pretty decent idea about the route I would take Rue d Alsace, which includes some stairways, but you also enter into a side door of the station, directly at the train platforms.

We are still debating, but was wanted to get some other opinions, and we thank you all for that!

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Paris By Train is a longstanding blog which offers copious information on train stations -- including some pictures which can help with orientation.

The train to Strasbourg is often busy, clogging the luggage racks at the ends of the cars. There may be an extra rack in the centre of the car -- look for a tag dangling from the overhead rack.

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Regarding Eurail: frankly, I'd just opt for a shorter pass covering only the Germany and Switzerland portions of the trip, and buy the cheapest advance tickets for Eurostar (the passholder reservation is 30€, you can have tickets for about 50 if you book early) and for TGV to Strasbourg (réservation 10€, cheapest ticket 29€).
It will be easier, and no more expensive.