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360 Cinema at Arromanches

Yes or no? Man, the extended forecast is calling for rain the whole time we are there. Umbrellas and light raincoats for us.

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We enjoyed the 360 cinema when we spent time in the region last summer. Plus it is indoors so could be nice break from rain.

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Rain forecast for every day doesn't mean it will rain constantly. If you're looking more than a few days out, what you're seeing is probably based to a considerable degree on historical weather patterns rather than near-certainty. Coastal weather is really changeable.

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Here's hoping we have a few decent days while in Normandy and Paris.

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it is October. It rains there. Beware the wind too.

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If it's raining, there are several top quality museums and visitors centers near the battlefields. I feel the Memorial in Caen is one of the best World War Two museums in Europe. You could easily spend a day there. The visitors center at the American cemetery is small but very evocative. And the Utah Beach museum is probably the best for covering the D-Day experience. With these top museums, I'd probably skip the 360 Cinema unless you have extra time to kill.

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I think the 360 Cinema is very well thought out, immersive, and gives you a good overview of a lot of the activities in the Battle of Normandy. It is also very sobering as I recall. Plus, the view from the hill it is located on gives you a great panoramic view of the remains of the artificial harbors in Arromanches—which are a must-see in this area (as is the museum by the beach). I haven't been in several years, but have visited Normandy 8–9 times, including a couple of years ago (2019, for the 75th anniversary of D-day. I intend to return in 2022). Another museum I highly recommend is the Utah Beach Museum. It is the best in the area IMHO, and one you might miss if you only depend on Rick Steves' recommendations.