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3 weeks in Paris/France this fall - request for suggestions

I have the good fortune to have figured a way to steal 3 weeks in France this fall. Initially, I considered renting a little studio in Paris, making day trips outside the city by train or bus to visit some of my bucket list locales. Then, as the reality of the opportunity sunk in, I thought it might be even more fun to travel around the country a bit more. I have had prior happy trips to Paris, Provence and Lyon although I had a car and was able to be quite mobile when visiting the south. My travel dates are in October. I love to walk. I am interested in history and art. It looks like I will be traveling solo, which makes me feel happy and free but a bit lonely! Suggestions, please!! I'd particularly love to hear the thoughts of solo travelers.

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Hi. We’re in Paris now, at the end of a 3 week stay in France. This is our fourth extended trip to France and we really enjoy it. I would suggest you go to Brittany and Normandy if you get a chance. You could go to Rennes via train in a couple of hrs and rent a car to tour the area. For the northern area, I’d suggest Dinan, St. Malo and Mont St. Michel. In the south, Guérande, Vannes and in the Blavet river valley, a couple of historic recreated/restored villages, Poul-Fétan & Village de l’An Mil. To do the north and south would take a couple of days at least. Research them to see what might interest you. Brittany has some of the best seafood in France!

Another train trip out of Paris would be to Bayeux, about 2 ½ hrs. A car rental would allow you to see the Bayeux tapestry and visit the D-Day beaches, museums and some of the pretty seaside towns.

I think you could see Versailles and Giverny (Monet’s Garden) in the same day but it would be a full day!

Good luck, that’s a wonderful time of year. Monet’s Garden should still be beautiful then.