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3 days - where in France?

My little one and I have 3 extra days in France (last three days of August) and I am little confused where to go with her - she is almost 5 years old. French Alps are not an option since our flight back to the US can either be from Nice or Paris. I was thinking

1) Luxembourg for day and then 2 days in the Normandy region
2) Nice / Eze / Monaco for 3 days - but since we will likely come back her with my hubby and son I was trying to avoid it now

Any other suggestions / recommendations?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Given the horrendously hot summer, with no end In sight and a young child, go as far north as you can. Normandy sounds about right.

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hey hey simran
you can take the train, paris to annecy. let you daughter enjoy herself at the lake, swimming, playing in the sand take a boat tour on the lake, walk around the canals of the city center, have lunch or dinner at the many cafes/restaurants.
take the train back to paris. it's a gorgeous town with mountains in the background and cooler weather. enjoy your time

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Hi Simran, as you're with your little one, did you consider visiting Disneyland Paris? You can visit Mont Saint-Michael. Though it may require a longer journey, it is a fascinating destination for families. Kids will love the medieval architecture, exploring the narrow street and learning about the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

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I'm not so sure at what age kids get the wow of cathedrals, scenic monasteries, even castles. Where I live we have a large medieval center city. My granddaughter is unfazed; she takes out a book and sits down to read. I recently had her in Paris. She was enthralled by Greek statues and Egyptian artifacts at the Louvre but impervious to the palace room decoration. When I took her to la Sainte Chapelle for a baroque concert, she loved the music but the décore again didn't catch her eye. We counted how many pieces of blue in a certain window, distinguished gothic from Romanesque arches, but architecture wasn't her thing. Although she had studied Rome and aquaducts in school, the Pont du Gard and Arena in Nîmes came in way below the nearby Haribo Bonbon museum. In Aiguës Mortes, we looked for masons' marks on cut stones-- which became a game, but the ramparts were just another wall.
Go to Annecy or Normandy. Great recommendation.

Edit: BTW, the heat wave here in France is predicted to break later in the week. We'll see. We're leaving for Collioure and the Pyrenees where 75 degree weather is forecast.

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How about going south? Saint Jean de Luz or Hendaye?

While you can have a heat wave anywhere and anytime, the avg temp in August is 24.8C (76.6f) and in September 23.4C (74.1f). The beach is nice, and the water should be warm.
From Paris you can be there in just over 4 hours by train.

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The temperature in Annecy could be an unpleasant surprise in August. Annecy's average high temperature is a bit above the average for Paris. Its record high is below Paris's but still over 101F.

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I'm not sure why you are posting an all-time record temperature that was recorded one day in who knows what year?
BTW, temperatures usually become more comfortable later in August.

Anyway, here's another idea: take the train to Rennes, capital of the Brittany region, and connect to the bus to Saint Malo. It's your best bet for cooler weather, sand beach, every crêpe imaginable for your little one and wonderful seafood for you. You should be able to make a day trip to Mont Saint Michel, too.

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Thank you all for the replies - looks like Normandy and Mont St. Michael it is ! I might even cancel the Luxembourg option. We are there August 29th, 30th, 31, September 1st and 2nd. So I am not concerned about the heat. :)