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I've recently read this article. Some good stuff there, IMHO.

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Hey phred,
The left bank is three minutes from the right bank. And the right bank has the Louvre, the Marais, the L'Orangerie, and so much more. Don't worry about running out of things to see or do. And in the middle of the left and right, is Notre Dame. I know, you are looking to do a good job of the left bank. Enjoy.
wayne inFRance right now

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When in Paris I never divide the city in left and right or by arr.
I just plan what I want to do that day and usually take the long scenic walking route to get there.
Some of my favorite places are in the left side and some on the right side. Same goes for restaurants.
For people that don't know Paris this article may sound like the city is divided in two

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Using the river as a dividing line is quite a tried and true travel technique. Doesn't mean it has to be followed, but it helps most folks make sense of the city and plan coherent itineraries.